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Banana Bred: WowWee Fingerlings Return

WowWee Toys will launch a new series of the popular Fingerlings baby monkeys in summer of 2023

We’re a Happy Family…

You’ve heard about the monkey’s uncle I’m sure, but at the recent toy industry event The PlayDate (hosted by The Toy Association and The Toy Insider) I was introduced to the monkey’s cousins! Yes, returning to toy shelves soon are WowWee Toys’ beloved baby monkeys, the Fingerlings

The original Fingerlings offered an interactive toy pet experience in a very relatable package. Sized just right to hug kids’ digits they chattered, blinked, and swiveled their heads for a mellow and engaging one on one. “Friendship @ Your Fingertips”

Fingerlings were an instant hit, took Toy of the Year Award (TOTY) top honors in 2018, and could barely be kept in stock.

They also spun off a series of related items ranging from plush toys to smashable piñata cakes filled with miniature monkeys.

They’ll return this summer with a slew of upgrades.

WowWee Toys will launch a new series of the popular Fingerlings baby monkeys in summer of 2023
WowWee’s new Fingerlings baby monkeys sport a spiffy flocked hair-do.

Evolution Revolution…

The new series of perky primates has definitely taken an evolutionary leap since they were last available. They certainly did not skip school during their time away in the jelly jungle. In fact they’ve upped their vocabulary considerably, now offering over 70 responses to stimuli. That’s double their previous skill level. 

The new Fingerlings sport lightly flocked heads, adding a tactile experience that makes it fun for little fingers to pet. Their colors are vibrant but still pleasingly pastel, with a watercolor like blending effect between hues.

Each colorway will exhibit its own personality with a unique set of vocal responses. It’s a great upgrade that encourages series collectibility and sets the stage for exclusive variants.

You can still hang them upside down but a new adjustable tail design allows them to sit upright on their own also. It’s a modification that expands the off-finger playability quotient – they respond differently when seated – and makes them easier to display.

In addition, 2023 Fingerlings know when they’re on your finger and show it lovingly with a glowing multi-colored heartbeat. 

WowWee Toys will launch a new series of the popular Fingerlings baby monkeys in summer of 2023
Fingerlings can now sit up right on their own, making display easier.

SkeletonPete Says…

While I’ll always have a soft spot for the “devil dog” Grimling called Pug, it’s great to see the return of the founding members of the Fingerlings family tree.

WowWee plans to roll out the product with a host of online announcements on “Fingerling Fridays.” Expect surprise characters as part of the launch. Follow their social media accounts to keep on top of the Fingerlings’ return.

WowWee Toys will launch a new series of the popular Fingerlings baby monkeys in summer of 2023
A trio of new Fingerlings practices their moves for the summer ’23 debut.
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