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Pong Unplugged: Fat Brain’s VolleyShot Offers Simple & Enjoyable Gameplay

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Fat Brain Toy’s VolleyShot at Toy Fair New York 2023

Slap Happy…

Despite exponential tech advances in video gaming, Pong is still my favorite. My Dad and I spent hours in front of our 13” black & white TV trying to stop that pesky pixel from getting past our paddles. That is what drew my interest to Fat Brain Toy’s VolleyShot during the Toy Association‘s 2023 Toy Fair New York

VolleyShot can best be described as a non-electronic version of Pong. If the ball gets past you – into the groove below your paddle – your opponent gains a point.

Stop That Pigeon…

Maybe the excitement of the win is buried deep in our hunter-gatherer DNA. There is certainly a visceral element to scoring a point that is possibly attached to catching or grazing for dinner. It makes a simple challenge like VolleyShot exceptionally satisfying and repeatedly playable. 

Co-Editor Andy M. and I clocked in several rounds of VolleyShot at the Fat Brain booth to get a feel for real world play. She beat me. That’s the real world

Wood is Good…

VolleyShot has a nicely finished wooden construction. The paddle action is smooth and there are score keeping pointers for both players. Fat Brain gives the toy an age range of eight and up. I think it’s the upper range that will find it most attractive. 

One of the best features is the game’s self-contained design. There are no loose pieces. The game ball is attached to a center shaft. You won’t have to chase it across the floor or under the couch. This makes VolleyShot a great choice for local pub gaming. 

SkeletonPete Says…

I see VolleyShot as a great ice breaker in social settings. Something for the motor skills versus the trivia night crowd. The 10 point win score makes for quick match turnovers. That’s excellent for keeping multiple opponents engaged. There’s no doubt about its team tournament potential.

Fat Brain’s consistently interesting and well-crafted range of toys and games have been cited and awarded for their designs by The Toy Association, The Toy Insider, ASTRA and other play industry experts. Their stated goal is to provide  “a curated collection of quality, open-ended toys, games, and gifts that both entertain and educate.” 

Their full range of products can be researched and purchased at the Fat Brain Website.

Fat Brain toys, volleyshot, toy fair New York 2023, the toy association, skeletonpete,

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