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Duration & Mutation: DC Comics Marks 80 Years of Batman Personas

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Bat Bites, The Batman Who Laughs, from DC Collectibles’ Dark Nights Metal statue set.

Today is officially Batman Day, an 80th Anniversary event that has fandom fixated on the Caped Crusader. While the moving target choice of date is as enigmatic as the Dark Knight himself any excuse to celebrate DC Comics’ venerable octogenarian is OK with me.

As a youngster I was well aware of Batman but more an Action Comics fan – Superman, Supergirl (and Krypto). Like many other “baby boomers,” my initial connection to Batman and Robin came with the ABC network’s 1966 television series. In fact, my family’s first color TV arrived in tandem with the first run of the Adam West and Burt Ward portrayals. Overnight our house became a local destination. I have a fine remembrance of my living room filled with friends eager to see the Biff, Bang, Pow action in full chromatic regalia.

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Frank Miller’s Dark Knight, DCC Designer Series Statue.

Stronger than Mirth…
By the early 1970’s the comical irreverence of the television series was reversed by Neil Adams’ graceful but “scary” rendition and later Frank Miller would reinvent Batman as the burly Dark Knight. The metamorphoses on the printed page, on the silver screen, TV, and via a wealth of merchandise, keep growing and it’s impressive that the character can continue transforming and still retain its strength.

DC must be commended for their willingness to reimagine their heroes and heroines in so many ways. I surmise some glee in the ability to totally mangle time honored icons. The styles range from the subtly sexy calendar girls of the still expanding Bombshells and Covergirls series to this year’s Mexican Wrestling mash-up, the Lucha Explosiva! action figures.

dc collectibles, lucha explosiva, batman, lucha libre, batman day, dc comics

DC Collectibles’ Lucha Explosiva! Batman action figure.

As adventurous as those depictions are, it is the DCC Artist Alley series where visual inhibitions are truly sent packing. This year’s selection presents the most monstrous morphs yet at the hands of Madballs creator James Groman.

dc collectibles, james groman, killer croc,

James Groman’s Artist Alley sculpt of Killer Croc for DC Collectibles.

SkeletonPete Says…
My current favorite Batman mutations are found in Gregg Capullo‘s Dark Nights: Metal series, especially The Batman Who Laughs. They are represented here by photos of DC Collectibles’ complete statue set as seen at the 2019 New York International Toy Fair. The Batman Who Laughs Deluxe Statue featuring three chained Robin minions is scheduled for December 2019 release.

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One of the Robin minions gracing DCC’s The Batman Who Laughs Deluxe Statue


Get Your Wings: Playmobil Reveals Hidden World Dragons Toys

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Playmobil action figures of Dragons heroes Toothless and Hiccup soar into battle.

Dreamworks Got a Brand New Drag…
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Jack in a Box: Diamond Select Toys Xmas Nightmare Minimates 25 Year Set

Nightmare before Christmas, Disney, Tim Burton, diamond select toys, minimizes, jack skellington

Diamond Select Toys Celebrates 25 Years of The Nightmare Before Christmas with a special Minimates Box Set.

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Bite Night: Diamond Select Toys Announces Castlevania Collectibles and More Xmas Nightmares

Netflix, Castlevania

Castlevania returns to Netflix on October 26.

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The Alienist: A Look at NECA’s Newest Xenomorphs

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NECA’s cobra-like Snake Alien is featured in the Series 13 Assortment.

Get Your Kicks on 426…

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