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Surrealistic Pillow: Lego’s DreamZzz Series & Sets

lego, dreamzzz, Netflix, toy fair, toy association, nightmare shark ship
The Nightmare Shark Ship is just one of the Lego kits based on the DreamZzz Series.

Dalí Swagger…

The Lego Company’s booth at the 2023 New York Toy Fair offered buyers and reporters a view of the breadth of the company’s original and licensed product lines. From Star Wars to Harry Potter, Ninjago to DC and Marvel Comicbook characters, each skew was featured in its own display case. Lego has products for all age ranges. The Duplo series is aimed at 1 1/2 to 5 year olds, while the 6,167 piece Lord of the Rings Rivendell set was named the Toy Association’s Grown Up category winner of the 2023 Toy of the Year (TOTY) Awards. 

While perusing this astounding array of building sets I caught a glimpse of something new to me. What first appeared to be a mash-up of various bits and kits, turned out to represent the colorful and surrealistic netherworlds of Lego’s own animated series called DreamZzz.  Season 1 premiered last May and all 20 episodes can currently be viewed on the Netflix streaming platform. 

Just My Imagination, Runnin’ Away with Me….

The DreamZzz story follows middle school aged brother and sister, Mateo and Izzie (voiced by Marcos Cardenas and Larissa Dias). The siblings discover they’ve been sharing nightly adventures in dreamscapes and eventually encounter friends there too. They also become aware of certain dangers that can effect their waking lives and endeavor to thwart them.

Imagination is at the core of the tests of worthiness. “Inspiration, creativity and focus” is the mantra. Earning a powerful hourglass of your own is the goal of each dream crafter. The plot embodies the classic hero’s journey from novice to master which younger viewers may encounter here for the first time.

There are sweet little nods to creatives throughout the series. For instance, Mateo wears a bandolier of art markers. Though he is often chided for his doodling and daydreamer nature, his artistic skills (and creative tools) become special powers and weapons in the hypnogogic world.

lego, dreamzzz, grim keeper, toy fair, toy association
The giant Grimkeeper takes the words rib cage too literally. Photo © 2024 Peter Parrella

Purple Sleeple Eaters…

Villains are color coded in shades of purple and black. There are several levels of baddies, ranging from minions to the Nightmare King himself. Wraith-like specters and the scary Grimkeeper, with his ribcage prison, also stalk the land of nod.

There could be some genuine scares for the very young. Based on your child’s age and demeanor, you might want to vet a few episodes before having them dive in.

lego, dreamzzz, toy fair, toy association, stable of dream creatures
Lego DreamZzz Set: The Stable of Dream Creatures as featured in the Netflix Series.

Bombs Away, Dream Babies…

Lego’s accompanying DreamZzz construction sets present all the characters, mechanisms and environments found in the series. A particular favorite of mine is the Tortuga Van. During waking hours it’s a food truck that abuelita Mrs. Castillo – and her pet turtle – sells breakfast burritos from. It becomes a whole different enchilada in dreamland.

lego, dreamzzz, toy insider
Zian, the Cat/Owl, is Lego’s latest DreamZzz series release. Photo ©2024 Peter Parrella

We just caught up with our Lego representative at Toy Insider’s Spring Fling event, and were thrilled to see a new addition to the Dreamzzz line, and an assurance that the company will continue to expand the series.

The kits have impressive details that Lego has become famous for. Similar to jigsaw puzzles, the larger builds can be turned into fun family projects. Additionally, the abundance of character figures will give budding dream crafters many options to imagine stories of their own.

Skeleton Pete Says…

Get me my crayons, a pillow, and my La-Z-Boy, I’m coming in hot.

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