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Guides for the Merry Fan: NECA Gifts Geeks with Giant Action Figure Directories

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The full size version of this comprehensive guide to NECA’s Alien action figures is available to download from their blog site. FREE!

Another holiday has slipped past us. Hopefully you are all in good health and good spirits and enjoying the reciprocal fruits of your generosity.

Of course, even the best intentioned relative or friend doesn’t know exactly what you really desire in your geeky heart of hearts. So those who offered gift cards or cash money have endowed you with the freedom of personal choice.

If you are an action figure collector NECA aides your post holiday decisions with their 2019 “Five Days of Downloads” series. The individualized Visual Guides present NECA’s full range of figures sent directly to your computer. These 2019 downloads are up to date including recently announced products.

The LARGE high resolution .jpg’s (300 dpi) allow you to zoom in for a close look at the texture and paint work on these collectibles. If printed, the Visual Guides would yield an average 30” by 30” sheet and would make great wall posters. Just saying.

I particularly love the Aliens and Predators guides since I’ve been stalking those licenses for decades. Ridley Scott‘s first Alien was a mind blowing movie theater scare fest in its time and my friends and I returned to see it several times. For me, Predator was first experienced as a VHS rental at the local video store.

neca, alien, predator, cap com, amp, arcade games, action figures
NECA’s tribute to Capcom’s 1990’s AVP arcade game includes Dutch and Linn figures.

This year NECA expanded their Alien and Predator series with characters paying homage to the 1990’s Capcom arcade game Alien VS. Predator including a 2-pack featuring Dutch and Linn. They continue to update their tributes to the original Kenner toys.

Follow the link to NECA’s Blog for the full size downloads and others. There are plenty of other great product pictures there too.

Here’s a gallery of photos taken at NECA’s booth during the The Toy Association’s 2019 New York international Toy Fair.

Click Any image to Launch the Gallery.

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