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All Tressed Up: Just Play’s Short Cuts Introduce Hairdorable Little Sisters

just play toys, hairdorables, short cuts, hairdudeables
A dizzying array of Hairdorable collectibles.

Sibling Rivalry…

We just alerted you to Toy Insider’s list of the best 12 things to gift for under $12, but we can’t resist making it a baker’s dozen, a lucky 13, with a pick of our own.

Elvis once sang “little sister don’t ya do what yer big sister done” but in the case of Hairdorables Short Cuts it might not be such a bad thing to emulate the success of older siblings.

Just Play Toys began showing Hairdorables, their line of dazzlingly coifed dollies, a couple of seasons ago. Their hairstyles range from cascades of multicolored curls, bouffants and bobs, ponytails and plaits, to 70’s afros that would make a nimbus cloud jealous. The response has been strong enough for Just Play to release three Hairdorables series and spin off additional products. Last year Pet companions with a similar penchant for pedicure began to accompany the young ladies, followed by a handful of fellows known as the HairDUDEables.

just play toys, hairdorables, short cuts, hairdudeables

Cut Across Shorty…
Most recently the kid sisters known as the Short Cuts have appeared. Short Cuts come mystery wrapped in a shampoo bottle like plastic package. There are 25 different variants in Series 1. Each package includes 8 surprise accessories like barrettes, scrunchy skirts and pop-on pig tails. The included signature card tells you what you need to know about your doll’s personality.

At under $10 per mystery pod Short Cuts pack a lot of play value and a fun unboxing experience for youngsters. Suggested age is 3+.

just play toys, hairdorables, short cuts, hairdudeables
A plethora of Hairdorable pets.

Style for the Camera…
Over the course of the last several Toy Fair, TTPM, Sweet Suite and Holiday of Play events we’ve amassed a mad amount of photos of these irresistibly cute figures. See the gallery below for some of our favorites.

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SkeletonPete Says…
Andy and I were happy to see several musically talented, guitar strumming, dollies in the Hairdorable family, but I’m really hankering for at least one with a Ronettes worthy, gravity defying, beehive. Da Doo Ron Ron, Da Do Ron Ron.

Just Play produces several other personal favorites like the PJ Masks and Vampirina figures and playsets.

just play toys, hairdorables, short cuts, hairdudeables
Hairdorables Short Cuts pods include one of 25 mystery little sister dolls and 8 surprises.

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