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Binge-Witching: Netflix The Witcher Series & DarkHorse Collectibles

dark horse, witcher
Video Game/ Graphic Novel and now TV character, Geralt of Rivia, The Witcher, depicted in this Dark Horse statue.

Ok I’m very late to the party on this one, though I suspect I’m not in the minority.

I didn’t play the video game, and therefore wasn’t turned on to the graphic novels. My first real connection with The Witcher came when Dark Horse Comics began revealing their character statues and busts at Toy Fair back around 2016.

dark horse, witcher, netflix, Henry cavill
Henry Cavill heads the cast of Netflix’ “The Witcher” Season 1.

Witch Watching…
I suppose many of you have already plowed through the entire first season since its Netflix debut yesterday (Dec. 20, 2019). I’m currently 3 episodes in and enjoying the ride so far. The plot is moving briskly and I’m learning the personalities of characters I’ve only seen so far as collectible figures. The effects and art direction are particularly well done.

I didn’t know what to expect of Henry Cavill in a role pretty much 180 degrees from his portrayal of Superman. Geralt of Rivia strives to maintain a strict moral path but the supernatural mercenary has less than solid footing to traverse. As a Witcher he is both required and reviled by his clients. He appears to prefer a solitary existence but there’s no Fortress of Solitude to retreat to.

dark horse, witcher
Mike Mignola’s cover art for Dark Horse Comics’ compendium of Witcher tales.

While it’s unlikely I’ll be turning my attention to gaming again, the Netflix series has certainly made me curious about what I’ve missed in print.

The good news for novices like myself is that Dark Horse has recently released a compendium of Paul Tobin’s first three Witcher graphic novels under one cover. In fact it’s a new cover by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola. The compendium also includes a short story, creator’s notes and a sketchbook section.

the Witcher, dark horse direct, the leshen
This limited edition Leshen statue is only available through Dark Horse Direct pre-order.

Really Love Your Screeches Wanna Shake Your Tree…
As you can see from the photos Dark Horse’s Witcher statues are – like the company’s Game of Thrones series – rendered in great detail with masterful paint work.

Currently available for pre-order only through Dark Horse Direct is the towering Leshen figure. Standing 17” tall it made to scale with the current series of Witcher figures. Poised for battle, this forest god is crowned with a magnificent elk skull. We saw the prototype at New York Comic Con this past October. It’s an impressive sculpt from Gentle Giant Studios. The direct edition is limited to 1000 copies. It’s expected to ship in February 2020.

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