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Crimson (Yule) Tide: NECA Dolls Up Misfits’ Fiend for Xmas

neca, action figures, the crimson ghost, the fiend, basil gogos, the misfits
NECA’s newest Misfits mascot includes a face sculpt inspired by artist Basil Gogos’ seasonal interpretation of The Crimson Ghost (Photo courtesy of NECA)

Slay Riding…

While no one should be sitting on Santa’s lap this year, we think kids would avoid this particular St. Nick surrogate under any circumstances. Next to The Grinch, he’s the least desirable creature you’d want dropping down your chimney and sniffing around for your cookies.

Even so, there are those of us who have a taste for “Alt Xmas” decorating and NECA Collectibles obliges with this manageable manifestation of villainy, a seasonal version of The Fiend.

neca, action figures, the crimson ghost, the fiend, basil gogos, the misfits

Inspired by The Crimson Ghost, a serialized 1946 Republic Films adventure movie, the unique cloaked skull with skeleton bone gloves became familiar to boomer kids in the pulpy pages of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, and was eventually immortalized as the icon to the horror punk band The Misfits.

In scale with their other rock band mascots, The NECA Fiend figure stands 8 inches tall and comes outfitted with a removable cap, a green toy back, and extra set of hands – the better to grip you with.

neca, action figures, the crimson ghost, the fiend, basil gogos, the misfits
Photos Courtesy of NECA Toys

Two Faces Have I…

Also included in the window display box is a second face sculpt based on artist Basil Gogos‘ Santa Fiend painting. Gogo’s work emblazoned the covers of Famous Monsters magazine in its formative and most influential years, as well as the cover of The Misfits’ American Psycho album. His color-filled imagery has been emulated by a multitude of artists for horror related publications ever since.

Other Gogos inspired merchandise, including Santa Fiend lapel pins and air fresheners, can be found on the Misfits website.

neca, action figures, the crimson ghost, the fiend, basil gogos, the misfits
Artist Basil Gogos’ depiction of the Fiend for the Misfits’ American Psycho album.
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Krampus, Your Style: Santa’s Henchman Grabs the Spotlight

ripleys believe it or not, auditorium, krampus, mike drake,
I’d OBEY if I were you! “Contemporary Krampus” runs a campaign of terror. Art: Copyright Stannis Abdulo

Getting Kramped in Here…
Hey, whaddaya call a group of shepherds in Brooklyn? …Ewes guys. Ok – umm, how ‘bout a ram wearing galoshes? …A goat in Totes. “Hey Pete,” you say, “who’s got your goat?” In a word… Krampus, and it ain’t no joke. The nordic/germanic folk character acts as the malevolent sidekick to Ol’ Saint Nicholas and is more than happy to beat the bejesus outta ya with a batch of birch branches.

A likely remnant of the old world veneration of the Great God Pan, American audiences may be largely unaware of Krampus. The admonishment to “be good” lest you find a lump of coal in your stocking appears to be the closest kids in the US get to the dark-side of yule tide. That will soon be remedied as Santa’s satanic enforcer gets his due this coming holiday season. Yep, things get heavier than a little coal as the real nightmare before Christmas is the focus of an upcoming film and a brand new book.