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Dress Your Wounds: Dark Horse’s “Archie Vs. Predator” Finale

archie versus predator, riverdale, dark horse comics, betty and veronica, archie andrews
Mud Honeys Betty and Veronica grace Andrew Pepoy’s cover for the final “Archie Versus Predator installment.
Archie Versus Predator #4
Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Alex de Campi
Penciller: Fernando Ruiz
Inker: Rich Koslowski
Colorist: Jason Millet
Cover Artist: Andrew Pepoy

#BFF’s, Battle Friends Forever…
The end is nigh but what started out as a “you can’t be serious” concept turned out to be a ridiculously fun excursion into post-millennial farce. Issue 4 of Dark Horse ComicsArchie Versus Predator finds the last few Riverdale residents intact preparing for their ultimate fight for survival, while also attempting to stay well appointed in the best of togs.

With a cover blurb like “Frenemies No More” it’s no spoiler to tell you that our forever teenage gal rivals Betty and Veronica make formidable foes for the extraterrestrial hunter in the finale.

Author Alex de Campi has kept the plot unpredictable and the action on high, ramping up the body count on an issue by issue basis. The swift scenarios almost make you forget that iconic characters are meeting their demise in the bloodiest of ways.

SkeletonPete Says…
From here I’m totally prepared to learn that My Little Pony is the God-Head overlord of the Engineers in Prometheus 2. Mr. Ridley Scott, if you’re listening, the old Hollywood axiom “If you can’t make it bigger, make it funnier” applies.

archie versus predator, riverdale, dark horse comics, betty and veronica, archie andrews
Faith Erin Hicks’ Alternative cover for “Archie Versus Predator” #4.

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Heads, You Lose: Archie Vs. Predator Cover Variants

archie vs predator, dark horse comics
Eric Powell’s variant cover art for Archie Versus Predator #1 forecasts a grim outcome for Jughead Jones.

There Will Be Blood…
We’ve already given you the heads-up about Dark Horse Comics’ whacked out Archie Vs. Predator series. Now that the variant covers have been revealed it looks like it’s heads-off for the unsuspecting gang.

Artists Eric Powell and Francesco Francavilla take no prisoners in their gritty depictions of the rumble in the jungles of Costa Rica. Will the hunter from another planet run rampant ‘round Riverdale and really make a jug out of Jughead’s head? You’ll find out in issue #1, due on April 15 just like your taxes.

archie vs predator, dark horse comics
Francesco Francavilla’s Archie Versus Predator #1 variant adds a gritty reality to the usual mirth.

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Arch Rivals: Dark Horse “Archie Versus Predator”

archie vs predator, dark horse comics
No Caption Necessary.

Beach Blanket Blood Feud…
I have to admit I wasn’t sure if we were all being punked when Dark Horse first sent out news of this book, but Archie Versus Predator is nearly here.

The title tells you everything you need to know. If you surmise it’s ridiculous fun in every way you get the picture. Spring Break, bikini contests, girl fights, Costa Rican jungles, and buckets of blood. A proud sibling to Horror of Party Beach (1964) and Ghost in the Invisible Bikini (1966). Pop on a Los Straitjackets album and enjoy the ride.

The first issue of this 4 part series is on the stands April 15, 2015.

SkeletonPete Says…
Somebody start writing the screenplay quick. I want to be sure I live long enough to see the movie adaptation.

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Dark Horse Comics Mashes Arch(ie) Enemies

A picture's worth a thousand words. You get the point, so will the Archie gang.
A picture’s worth a thousand words. You get the point, so will the Archie gang.

As New York Comic Con 2014 rolls to the end of its second day, the news blasts are coming fast and furious from our friends at Dark Horse Comics. The latest communique alerts us to a totally loony franchise collision that puts extraterrestrial horror hounds, the Predators, dogging the trail of the Archie Comics crew. Hey, my favorite Universal Monster film is Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, so I’m there.

Slash and (Sun) Burn…
April 2015 brings the first issue of Archie Meets Predator a 4 part Alex de Campi (Grindhouse) and Fernando Ruiz saga set during spring break in Costa Rico. I haven’t seen a preview but I’m thinking Betty and Veronica camouflaged in spa mud. If that’s a spoiler, I’m clairvoyant. If it’s not, I’m a twelve year old.

Author de Campi promises the whole Archie crew in tow. His interview with USAToday is here.