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Heads, You Lose: Archie Vs. Predator Cover Variants

archie vs predator, dark horse comics
Eric Powell’s variant cover art for Archie Versus Predator #1 forecasts a grim outcome for Jughead Jones.

There Will Be Blood…
We’ve already given you the heads-up about Dark Horse Comics’ whacked out Archie Vs. Predator series. Now that the variant covers have been revealed it looks like it’s heads-off for the unsuspecting gang.

Artists Eric Powell and Francesco Francavilla take no prisoners in their gritty depictions of the rumble in the jungles of Costa Rica. Will the hunter from another planet run rampant ‘round Riverdale and really make a jug out of Jughead’s head? You’ll find out in issue #1, due on April 15 just like your taxes.

archie vs predator, dark horse comics
Francesco Francavilla’s Archie Versus Predator #1 variant adds a gritty reality to the usual mirth.

Books & Graphic Novels

Ducks Deluxe: 20 Variant Covers for Marvel’s WTD Month

howard the duck, marvel comics, what the duck month
Howard in Primal Therapy? UnCanny Inhumans #0
Collectors Get Crackin’…
Since his cameo appearance at the end of the Guardians of the Galaxy film last summer Howard the Duck has been gearing up for a reboot into the 21st Century, and Marvel Comics is making sure you won’t have to go on an Easter Egg hunt to find him.

Brace Yourself…
This April, Marvel has a flock of 20 variant covers for their WTD (“What the Duck”) month, featuring the fine feathered character in all manner of permutations and situations. The collectors’ issues will follow the launch of book, Howard the Duck #1, manned by Chip Zdarsky and Joe Quinones, which will hit shops in March.

marvel comics, howard the duck
Howard the Duck in death defying Harold Lloyd pose. All New HawkEye #2.
Four Feathers…
As a teaser, Marvel has plucked out these 4 variants that find Howard in artistic, cinematic and historic scenes inspired by Grant Wood’s “American Gothic”, Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”, actor Harold Lloyd’s daring exploits and the first Moon landing.

All-New Hawkeye #2 – WTD Variant Cover by Francesco Francavilla
Amazing Spider-Man #17 – WTD Variant Cover by W. Scott Forbes
Rocket Raccoon #10 – WTD Variant Cover by Rob Guillory
Uncanny Inhumans #0 – WTD Variant Cover by Christian Ward

howard the duck, marvel comics, what the duck month
American Gothic gets skewered on Amazing-Spiderman #17
The Whole Gaggle…
Heres Marvel’s list of the additional books Howard will cameo on:
All-New Captain America #6
All-New X-Men #41
Ant-Man #4
Daredevil #15
Deadpool #45 (a.k.a. Deadpool #250)
Guardians of the Galaxy #26
Hulk #14
Inhuman #14
Legendary Star-Lord #11
Ms. Marvel #14
S.H.I.E.L.D. #5
Silk #3
Spider-Gwen #3
Superior Iron Man #7
Thor #7
Uncanny Avengers #4
what the duck month, marvel comics, howard the duck
Long way to go for a cup of “Joe.” Rocket Racoon #10
SkeletonPete Says…
Thanks to Ken Pierce of the PiercingMetal website for passing along Marvel’s info on these fun collector’s items.