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Arch Rivals: Dark Horse “Archie Versus Predator”

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Beach Blanket Blood Feud…
I have to admit I wasn’t sure if we were all being punked when Dark Horse first sent out news of this book, but Archie Versus Predator is nearly here.

The title tells you everything you need to know. If you surmise it’s ridiculous fun in every way you get the picture. Spring Break, bikini contests, girl fights, Costa Rican jungles, and buckets of blood. A proud sibling to Horror of Party Beach (1964) and Ghost in the Invisible Bikini (1966). Pop on a Los Straitjackets album and enjoy the ride.

The first issue of this 4 part series is on the stands April 15, 2015.

SkeletonPete Says…
Somebody start writing the screenplay quick. I want to be sure I live long enough to see the movie adaptation.

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