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No Strings Attached: Super7 Launches Ultimate Disney Partnership

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Super7 Toys dives into Disney territory with beautiful new Ultimates! product line. (Photos: courtesy of Super7)

If Pinnochio’s refrain “I’ve got no strings to hold me down” denotes an unfettered freedom to create then the folks at Super7 have picked a perfect starting point for their new collaboration with The Walt Disney Company. Over the last several years Super7 has built a collectibles line that reaches into the recesses of things you always wanted that nobody made and/or things your Mom wouldn’t buy for you that no one makes anymore.

From movie, music, and cartoon characters, to Major League Baseball players and team mascots, the company has quickly filled the void for pop culture enthusiasts.

Sorcerers Apprentice Mickey, super7 ultimates!, disney

The first trio of Disney Ultimates! offers the obvious to the obscure with Pinocchio squarely in the middle for those of us of a certain age. Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Mouse is probably the most familiar of the newly designed miniatures. His calamitous brush with a batch of bewitched buckets and brooms is a highlight of Disney meisterwerk Fantasia (1940) and the wizardly togged mouse has become a visual cue for Disney “imagineering.”

disney, robin hood, super7, ultimates!, prince john
Prince John preens as Sir Hiss assists. Super7 Disney Ultimates! (Photos: courtesy of Super7)

The left-of-center choice in this inaugural selection is Prince John from Disney’s often overlooked Robin Hood (1973). It bodes well for how deep Super7 is likely to dive into the catalog for future offerings. It could also be a wry reminder of where you wide up with a mangy leader.

Each of the Ultimates! figures is fully articulated and comes with a selection of replaceable heads and hands to fit the mood you prefer them in at the moment. They are also well outfitted with accessories. The tiny Jiminy Cricket figure brings back fond memories of my 1960’s collection of minuscule Marx Toys Disneykins. The inclusion of Cleo the fish and Figaro the cat make the Pinnochio package a must have for me.

Preorders for the figures will run from August 5 through Sept 5 2020 at the Super7 Website. Individual characters are priced at $45 with the full trio listed at $135.

SkeletonPete Says…
My first movie theater cartoon experience was Pinocchio. It still has me checking the mirror for budding donkey ears when I’ve made a dubious decision. Not including a donkey-earred head portrait for the puppet/boy might be the only missed opportunity in this Ultimates! selection.

pinocchio, super7, disney, ultimates!

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