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Queen for A Day: 426 Alien Celebration

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NECA’s 15″ Aliens Ressurrection Red Queen Mother is ready for her close-up.
30 Years of Xeno Fears…
2016 marks the 30th anniversary of the release of the 20th Century Fox space shocker Alien. It’s hard to describe what it was like seeing that film in a theater for the first time, no preconceptions, no spoilers, no a clue as to what was ahead. I’m still trying to retrieve bits of the skin that I jumped out of. The spectacular H. R. Giger bio-mechanical designs for the facehugger, chestburster and the original xenomorph were all brand new to the horror genre, like the first time the Frankenstein monster stepped into view in 1931.

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Hellish Glare and Inference: Mezco “Living Dead Doll” Series 31

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This little fellow gives a whole new meaning to blood, sweat and tears.

The Light That Never Warms…
What’s that wheezing under your bed? Peering, gape mouthed, from that crack in your closet door? Tap, tap, tapping in your crawl space? It’s likely Mezco ToyzLiving Dead Dolls Series 31 figures. This group of five represent the theme of all the things that thrive in the dark. Night lights won’t help as these nocturnal kiddies dart from shadow to shadow.
living dead dolls, mezzo toys, ldd series 31
Mezco’s Living Dead Doll Series 31. When darkness falls these creepy kids emerge from their hiding places.

They Are Legion…
Series 31 features, Umbral, Kreek, The Dark, Bea Neath, Thump, who join the legion of LDD’s brought forth from the twisted creative minds at Mezco over the last 18 years. Collectors can expect this individually coffin boxed group of 8 inch tongue tied and tongue eyed spirits to emerge from their pitch black sanctum later this spring.

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Wail to the Chief: New Presidential Monsters @ Toy Fair 2014

Artist Ken Kelly at NY Toy Fair 2014 with original painting for Presidential Monsters Series.
Artist Ken Kelly at NY Toy Fair 2014 with original painting for Presidential Monsters Series.

House of Dread Presidents…
George Washington’s birthday (he’d be 282 years old today) seems a perfect opportunity to bring you up to speed on the current state of the union for Mark Huckabone’s Presidential Monsters Series.

A few years ago I was able to share an advance look at the Heroes Entertainment collection that puts a monstrously humorous spin on US political characters. Both current and historical figures are represented from George Washington’s apparition as the “Spirit of ’76,” through our current prez as the caped and fanged Baracula.

At New York Toy Fair this year Ken Pierce of the PiercingMetal website and I were extremely lucky to pass by the Heroes Entertainment/Toy Tokyo booth at the same time legendary fantasy artist Ken Kelly was visiting with two pieces of original art. Pierce, a huge KISS fan, was thrilled to meet the creator of that group’s iconic Destroyer and Love Gun album covers. The artist also has an exclusive agreement to paint original art on Gene Simmons’ line of bass guitars.

One of Kelly’s paintings, titled “The North Shall Rise Again,” depicts a kite flying, lightning harvesting, Benjamin Franklin as Dr. Franklinstein with his recycling mad assistant Algore pulling the switch to revive a wounded Lincolnstein Monster, top hat and all.

It’s that kind of good natured satire that pervades the entire Presidential Monsters series with characters like Yeti Roosevelt, the green gilled Nixon Monster from the Watergate Lagoon, Bill Clinton as a saxophone playing werewolf, and Andrew Jacksferatu.

"Take Me To Your Leader," demands Martian Van Buren
“Take Me To Your Leader,” demands Martian Van Buren

Series 1 and 2 are currently available and include Baracula, Lincolnstein, Reagan The Ronmy, Wolf Bill Clinton, Zom-Bush (“W”,) JFK as Phantom of the White House, Nixon Monster From the Watergate Lagoon, and the aforementioned George Washington as the “Spirit of ’76.”

Series 3 (Late Spring 2014)
Algore, Dr. Franklinstein, Jacksferatu, Yeti Roosevelt

Series 4 (Fall 2014)
Eisenhowler, Hillvira, Jimmy Pea-Nutz, Van Palin

Not yet on the release schedule, but previewed at Toy Fair, are Lyndon After Midnight, casting LBJ as the Chaney Sr. silent screen vampire, my favorite Martian Van Buren, and Headless S. Grant.

General George Washington, looking good for 282 years old.
General George Washington, looking good for 282 years old.

Junior Presidents…
In addition to the articulated, fully clothed, 8 inch dolls, Heroes Entertainment was showing a “junior” edition of carded cast figures that are currently in the works.