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Hellish Glare and Inference: Mezco “Living Dead Doll” Series 31

living dead dolls, mezzo toys, ldd series 31
This little fellow gives a whole new meaning to blood, sweat and tears.

The Light That Never Warms…
What’s that wheezing under your bed? Peering, gape mouthed, from that crack in your closet door? Tap, tap, tapping in your crawl space? It’s likely Mezco ToyzLiving Dead Dolls Series 31 figures. This group of five represent the theme of all the things that thrive in the dark. Night lights won’t help as these nocturnal kiddies dart from shadow to shadow.
living dead dolls, mezzo toys, ldd series 31
Mezco’s Living Dead Doll Series 31. When darkness falls these creepy kids emerge from their hiding places.

They Are Legion…
Series 31 features, Umbral, Kreek, The Dark, Bea Neath, Thump, who join the legion of LDD’s brought forth from the twisted creative minds at Mezco over the last 18 years. Collectors can expect this individually coffin boxed group of 8 inch tongue tied and tongue eyed spirits to emerge from their pitch black sanctum later this spring.

living dead dolls, mezzo toys, ldd series 31
EYE Yi Yi! Did Sia steal her new hairdo from this dolly?
More Monsters…
The award winning alternative doll line expanded into licensed characterizations several years ago bringing us LDD versions of Universal Monsters. Frankenstein and Dracula were two of the first figures I reported on from Toy Fair almost 6 years ago. My current favorite, The Creature From the Black Lagoon, was added last season. The 2016 Mezco catalog clues us to the next Universal Monsters LDD with a silhouette of The Wolfman. Sure to be a favored furry companion.
living dead dolls,  hell raiser, pinhead, mezzo toys, ldd series 31
Mezco Toyz gives the “Hellraiser III” Pinhead a Living Dead Doll makeover. (Prototype shown is still pending licensor approval.)
The company recently “dead-ified” the iconic characters of the Wizard of Oz (including a roadkill Toto) and at Mezco’s recent pre 2016 New York International Toy Fair Press Event we were treated to a sneak peek at the still to be approved prototypes for the Hellraiser franchise Pinhead and Sam (as in Samhain) from Trick Or Treat. The 2016 catalog also prevues a spectacular looking “it’s showtime” Beetlejuice, replete with gonzo carousel headdress, as well as the chainsaw handed Evil Dead 2 Ash coming to the LDD universe.
living dead dolls, mezzo toys, ldd series 31
This enormous limited edition Living Dead Doll Blanket will keep you toasty on chilly nights.
Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams…
While we’re on the subject of Living Dead Dolls, Mezco has just announced pre orders of the extremely limited, and positively HUGE (50″X 60″) blanket. Only 50 of these mega shrouds will be offered to the general public, so hop onto the Mezco site and pre-order. (Editor’s Note: Sorry Kids this item is now sold out.)

SkeletonPete Says…
Mezco’s press event gave us unfettered and out from behind the display case access to photograph and share the quality of their 2016 product line. There are lots of new Mez-itz, a brace of 24 inch Gigantors, obsessively detailed Hellraiser III Pinheads, massive expansion of licensed figures in Mezco’s amazing One:12 Collective series. I’ll be reporting on it all later in the week. Keep your eyes here for major Toy Fair 2016 Coverage.

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