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Space Truckin’: HEXBUG nano Explores the Galaxy

HEXBUG, nano nao space, vex robotics
HEXBUG nano Space adds an intergallactic factor to the popular miniature robotics product line.

What the HEX…
We’ve been tracking the progression of the HEXBUG nano series for some time and it’s always a treat to see what twist robotics mavens VEX/Innovations First apply to the product next. We’ve seen the vibration powered “insects” skitter around their modular tracks, spin through Vortex Tubes, take death defying drops. They’ve been disguised as everything from Zombies to Santa’s reindeer and have donned unique weapons to go into battle as Gladiators and Warriors.

We Had a Lot of Luck on Venus, We Always Had a Ball on Mars…
The newest variation Hexbugs nano Space puts our favorite miniature electronic perambulators on an outer world outpost ready to explore the final frontier. Nano Space has a fun retro design. Anyone familiar with Brian Johnson’s special effects work for Sylvia and Gerry Anderson’s 1970’s TV series Space 1999 will get the vibe immediately.

After being introduced to the prototypes at Toy Fair 2017, I was happy to see the product highlighted at The Toy Insider’s Holiday of Play, and the Cosmic Command package chosen as a Finalist for The Toy Association’s Toy of the Year Award, in the Playset of the Year category.

HEXBUG, nano nao space, vex robotics
Build an outer world colony with the 3 modular HEXBUG nano Space playsets.

Fly Me to the Moon, Let Me Play Among the Stars…
HEXBUG nano Space is offered in 3 standalone but connectible packages. The Zipline, The Discovery Station and The Cosmic Command sets come with 26, 55 and 92 pieces respectively. Each has a unique selection of extras including snap on “mech suits,” a six wheeled terrain rover (powered by the nano), a “gravity trainer,” lots of cargo to move around the installations, and even a space ship for imaginative treks across the playroom universe.

SkeletonPete Says…
Yes, one of my favorites for the gift list this year. I know if these sets been available back in the 1960’s they would have been instantly put into service as staging for my table top animation films.

The toys are listed as appropriate for ages 3-10 but will easily enthrall older children and Moms and Dads too. It’s hard to stop watching them bug around. Needle drop Deep Purple’s “Space Truckin’” and let ‘em rip.

HEXBUG, nano nao space, vex robotics
Just a few of the attachments and accessories that will fuel a young space jockey’s imagination.

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