Big Gulp: The Pop Insider Hosts Hasbro’s Planet Devouring Transformer at NYCC19

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Hasbro’s largest Transformer ever. The Unicron met its crowd funding goal during NYCC 2019.

Hasbro Toys’ HASLAB division has officially hit the full funding mark for their War for Cybertron Unicron Transformer. At full conversion it’s the largest Transformers collectible ever produced by the company. This planet eating mega-bot was first introduced in the animated feature Transformers: The Movie back in 1986 and has since held chaotic reign in many versions of the Transformer universe. The toy, if we can actually call it that, has a 30 inch diameter in its Planet X guise and can be un-folded to a massive 27 inches tall in robotic reveal. It’s magnificently detailed down to an interchangeable chin for movie accuracy and will include a Galvatron figure.

The HASLAB platform has previously completed a 5000 backer venture producing Jabba The Hut’s Sail Barge, the Khetanna. That  vintage, nearly 50 inch long, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi collectible shipped last spring. The Unicron project was announced this past summer with its step by step progress being documented via the PULSE website. The Kickstarter style campaign required 8000 pledges to initiate production, with the final day of New York Comic Con 2019 as its closing date. At nearly $600.00 the purchase was not for the faint of heart or the weak of wallet, but crowd funding allows for special items like these to come into existence and into the hands of die-hard collectors. 

unicron, hasbro, pop insider, has lab, transformers

Unicron in stealthy planet mode. Waiting to gobble entire worlds.

The Final Countdown…
Entering its final weekend with 5000 plus funders the crowd sourced project got a beneficial boost to the finish line at NYCC where the prototypes – both planet style and robot – were prominently featured at The Pop Insider booth. The enticement of free informative Pop Insider magazines and a chance to win gobs of geeky goodies saw a phalanx of fans file past the Unicron display. By the morning of Sunday October 6 the campaign had reached its goal. That didn’t stop enthusiastic collectors from continuing to invest through the 11:59 PM (EST) deadline.

unicron, hasbro, pop insider, has lab, transformers

The Pop Insider crew hosted Hasbro’s Unicron prototypes at NYCC 2019.

SkeletonPete Says…
As of now the campaign is closed, credit cards have been bonked, and Hasbro says completed Unicron’s will ship in early 2021. Lucky recipients should start making display shelf space or building that home extension soon.

Grim and Grimmer: Classic Fairy Tale Gets Gaiman Re-Spin as Dark Horse Graphic Novel

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“Snow, Glass, Apples”: Author Neil Gaiman and Artist Colleen Doran reimagine Snow White in this Dark Horse Graphic Novel.

Snow, Glass, Apples
Author: Neil Gaiman
Illustrator: Colleen Doran
Publisher: Dark Horse
Release Date: August 20, 2019
Hardcover: $17.99 US $23.99 CAN
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Duration & Mutation: DC Comics Marks 80 Years of Batman Personas

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Bat Bites, The Batman Who Laughs, from DC Collectibles’ Dark Nights Metal statue set.

Today is officially Batman Day, an 80th Anniversary event that has fandom fixated on the Caped Crusader. While the moving target choice of date is as enigmatic as the Dark Knight himself any excuse to celebrate DC Comics’ venerable octogenarian is OK with me.
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Sliming is Everything: Playmobil Celebrates Ghostbusters Anniversary with Awesome ECTO-1A Replica

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Playmobil’s 13 inch “Ghostbusters” Ecto-1A replica includes all the bells and whistles.

Playmobil Ghostbusters Ecto-1A Playset (70170)
Recommended for ages 6-12
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Love Is Blue: Hannah Reimann’s Healing Journey thru the Joni Mitchell Songbook

joni mitchell, hannah reimann, both sides now

Singer Hannah Reimann presentss songs from Joni Mitchell’s early career in the stage show Both Sides Now.

Both Sides Now: Songs of Joni Mitchell 1966 – 1974

Hannah Reimann, Lead Vocals, Piano and Dulcimer
Michele Temple, Guitars and Backing Vocals

Austin Pendleton, Director

Irondale Center
85 South Oxford Street, Brooklyn, New York 11217
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