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Little Things Mean A Lot: Think Super Impulse Miniatures for Valentine and Beyond

super impulse, miniature toys, Valentine's Day, collectibles
Super Impulse novelties will help you stay out from behind the 8 ball on Valentine’s Day.

My Tiny Valentine…

I’m not a prognosticator, but I can predict your future accurately if you manage to overlook Valentine’s Day. I know, I know! It seems like you just used all your brain cells picking out the perfect holiday gifts for your loved ones. Now V-Day has snuck up on you with an equally important task. If you’re still scratching your head for an answer at this moment, I suggest you think small. 

By that I mean, take the opportunity to power up your gift basket game with miniature collectibles from Super Impulse (SI). In addition to the traditional candy and champagne, SI’s array of “World’s Smallest” replicas will help you create a uniquely personalized present, and bring back a few special memories for a loved one.

super impulse, miniature toys, Valentine's Day, collectibles
Just a few of the choices available from Super Impulse’s “World’s Smallest” toy line.

Big Love, Small Package…

As someone who hid his wife’s engagement ring in a trick-or-treat pumpkin, I believe that a little something out of the ordinary can elevate an occasion. So, if you bonded over a board game decades ago, are popping the question to a pop culture fan, or need a distinctive party favor for a wedding or anniversary, the range of licensees that Super Impulse is partnered with ensures you’ll find the appropriate memento.

SI products are notable for their attention to authenticity. Yes, the Mattel Magic 8 Ball replica will respond to your queries just like its full sized sibling. Yes, you can play the Trivial Pursuit game, though at my age it will require a magnifying glass. No, you can’t eat the candies. They’re collectibles, not edibles.

Need something quick? Check this Super Impulse Amazon search link for what’s currently available.

super impulse, miniature toys, Valentine's Day, collectibles

SkeletonPete Says…

Over the course of many toy industry events it’s been impressive watching Super Impulse build a battalion of tiny novelties.

For me, the first grand slam was their minuscule, but fully working, reproduction of Ohio Art’s Etch-A-Sketch. The dial controlled art palette was one of my favorite toys as a kid.

Since then SI has launched a line of Micro-Figures. They stand approximately 1.25″, have 3 points of articulation, and come with their own smartly designed collector/display cases. They portray characters from fictional franchises (G.I. Joe, Masters of the Universe, Star Trek) to real life personages like TV painting guru Bob Ross

Love is in the Lab…

super impulse, miniature toys, Valentine's Day, collectibles, universal monsters, toy photography
We belong…Wed. Frankie and Elsa got off to a rocky start. She had a hissy fit when they first met. But the big lunk revealed his soft side and she realized they were made for each other. Literally.

As you can see I had some fun building a castle laboratory diorama for photographing the Series One Universal Monsters Micro Figures to illustrate this post.

With a little color wash and depth of field control, everything and the kitchen sink strainer can stand in for scientific apparatus.

super impulse, miniature toys, Valentine's Day, collectibles, universal monsters, toy photography
A behind-the-scenes shot of my truly table-top “studio” setting.
super impulse, miniature toys, Valentine's Day, collectibles, universal monsters, toy photography
Film & Television Series

This Time It’s Personal: Godzilla Minus One

Godzilla Minus One Minus Color

Desaturation Nation…

Godzilla Minus One has begun its final week in North American theaters. The newest installment of the 70-year King of the Monsters saga will be highlighted on the big screen by a black-and-white version through its last screenings on February 1, 2024.

Film & Television Series

Frightening Flickers: MoMI Halloween Event

museum of the moving image

The Museum of the Moving Image recently celebrated the essence of the Halloween season with a gala costume party held on the premises. Located in Astoria Queens, New York – a neighborhood linked to the filmmaking industry for over 100 years – the museum offers visitors a detailed look at the historical and technological gestation of the art of cinema.

Film & Television Series Toys & Collectibles

Wednesday Friday, I’m in Love: Goth Princess in Toyland

Wednesday Addams, toy Tokyo, phony, toy fair 2023, thing
Wednesday Addams and sidekick Thing as Toy Tokyo Plush Phunny Dolls.

It’s Wednesday Wednesday…

Wednesday Friday Addams, the pig-tailed, oval faced, little girl with a deadpan demeanor and a predilection for beheading her dolls, has come a long way since her creation at the imaginative pen of cartoonist Charles Addams

Toys & Collectibles

Pong Unplugged: Fat Brain’s VolleyShot Offers Simple & Enjoyable Gameplay

Fat Brain toys, volleyshot, toy fair New York 2023, the toy association, skeletonpete, skill building toys
Fat Brain Toy’s VolleyShot at Toy Fair New York 2023

Slap Happy…

Despite exponential tech advances in video gaming, Pong is still my favorite. My Dad and I spent hours in front of our 13” black & white TV trying to stop that pesky pixel from getting past our paddles. That is what drew my interest to Fat Brain Toy’s VolleyShot during the Toy Association‘s 2023 Toy Fair New York

VolleyShot can best be described as a non-electronic version of Pong. If the ball gets past you – into the groove below your paddle – your opponent gains a point.