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Tinker, Tailor, Baker, Joker: Famed Movie Makeup Artist Creates Exclusive DC Collectible

the joker, rick baker, dc collectibles
Makeup artist Rick Baker’s amazing 1:1 rendition of The Joker for DC Collectibles.

No Laughing Matter…

One of the most enjoyable parts of attending the Toy Association’s Annual New York Toy Fair is the opportunity to visit with the fine folks at DC Collectibles and get a look at the amazing array of want-to-owns they have brewing.

The company has continued to surprise us with products ranging from highly play worthy articulated action figures to detailed, and often unexpected, resin and PVC statues like the popular Bombshells line.

This year there was no exception to the wow factor as we were stopped in our tracks by a face to face encounter with The Joker. The villain of Batman’s nightmares has been rendered as a life-size bust by none other than makeup effects artist Rick Baker. Baker’s decades long career has seen his talents applied to such films as An American Werewolf in London, Men in Black, the Star Wars series, and the Halloween season staple Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. With this sculpt he has truly captured the demented soul of the “Crown Prince of Crime.”

he joker, rick baker, dc collectibles
Original inspiration for The Joker was Conrad Veidt’s makeup in “The Man Who Laughs” (Universal Pictures 1928)

Say Cheese…
It’s quite appropriate that the Academy Award winning artist would capture the Joker with just a hint of his silver screen inspiration in the frozen grimace of Gwynplaine portrayed by Conrad Veidt in Universal Pictures’ 1928 film The Man Who Laughs. Veidt missed further immortality by a bat’s fang when he was passed over for the role of the vampiric count in Universal’s adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1931).

Wardrobe Change…
Only 200 Joker busts, cast from Baker’s original molds, will be offered with an expected release date of October 2018. Of that number 50 will be exclusive variants embellished in Baker’s original color scheme with black shirt. They will be numbered 1-50 and include a certificate of authentication signed by the artist. The standard (orange shirt) version will be numbered 1-150 and have an MSRP of $1000.00. The variant will be priced at 1500.00.

the joker, rick baker, dc collectibles, dc bombshells
Just a kiss away… Catwoman cops the keys to the Batmobile.

Bombs Away Dream Babies…
There are plenty of other Batman related items in all price ranges coming your way. The aforementioned Bombshells line adds a crafty Catwoman disarming the Dark Knight with a smooch as she steals the keys to the Batmobile. A beautifully detailed Joker’s Daughter in carny mode joins the product line as well.

the joker, rick baker, dc collectibles, dc bombshells, batgirl,
Jöelle Jones’ selfie taking Batgirl.

Get Yer Motor Runnin’…
Bombshells’ sister series Gotham City Garage (see Andy’s coverage) adds a motor hoisting Supergirl and wheelie popping Batwoman. My current fave is the Jöelle Jones designed DC Cover Girl Batgirl, snapping a selfie while displaying her acrobatic acumen.

the joker, rick baker, dc collectibles, dc bombshells, batgirl, batman, Wonder Woman, pic statues
DC Collectibles PVC Core Statues

Alley Bats…
The angular quirkiness of DC Collectibles’ Artists Alley Series offered many other eye catching objects of desire and we’ll be offering up a look at those next week.

he joker, rick baker, dc collectibles, harley quinn
Batman, The Animated Series fans will love the many moods of Harley Quinn.

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