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The Alienist: A Look at NECA’s Newest Xenomorphs

alien day, 426, neck, action figures
NECA’s cobra-like Snake Alien is featured in the Series 13 Assortment.

Get Your Kicks on 426…

We’re probably preaching to the choir but we’ll explain that Annual Alien Day celebrates all things in the 20th Century Fox franchise that began in 1979 when the characters aboard the Nostromo spacecraft landed on the moon called LV-426. Since then the creatures have proved their popular mettle in a series of for better and/or worse scenarios.

I will admit that I was flummoxed by Prometheus and only slightly repatriated by Alien: Covenant, but I never tire of the fierce, sleek, beauty of the H. R. Giger inspired creature designs.

So here we are on April 26 ready to do our part. Yes, it’s a weedy spin on Pi Day (314) but truth-be-told we’re happy for the excuse to publish these images of NECA’s upcoming Xenomorph (and Predator) action figures and accessories as previewed at the 2018 New York International Toy Fair.

alien day, 426, neck, action figures
NECA’s 7″ Sgt. Apone action figure is prepared for battle.

Stop Buggin’ Me…
NECA’s Alien Series 13 is scheduled for October release and will feature Space Marine Sgt. Apone, the cobra hooded Snake Alien, and the ornate Scorpion Alien. They are loaded with articulation points and Apone comes sporting a bio-mech arm apparatus, grenades and a rifle. We’ll also be seeing character representations from the 1990’s Aliens Vs. Predators arcade game.

alien day, 426, neck, action figures, predator bone throne
NECA’s impressive resin “bone-throne” is fit for a king.

Seat of Power…
Shipping this week is the Predator “Bone Throne.” This massive, mostly resin, show piece is constructed from the remains of many unfortunate adversaries. The 14” tall sculpt is highly detailed both front and back, and perfect for 7”-9” action figures.

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