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Figured Out: A Mezco Toyz 2016 “One:12 Collective” Gallery

mezco toys, one:12 collective, the punisher, marvel comics
Punch Drunk Love: Marvel Comics’ Punisher gets Mezco’s detailed One:12 Collective treatment.
Toyz Story…
I’ll keep the chatter down since this post was promised as a gallery of prototypes for Mezco Toyz‘ burgeoning One:12 Collective series first revealed at their pre 2016 American International Toy Fair event. Take a look, the details speak for themselves. Having had hands on experience with the Dark Knight Batman and the Star Trek Mr. Spock I can say that the production models are as refined as the prototypes.

I recommend you make a point of checking out Mezco’s website for information on each character, it’s accessories, and the pre-order schedule. Many are selling out early.

space ghost, mezco toyz, one:12 collective, hanna-barbera productions
Mezco Toyz Space Ghost and Blip One:12 figures have just gone on pre-order. (Photo Courtesy of Mezco Toyz)

Books & Graphic Novels

Mo’ M.O.D.O.K.S., Mo’ Battle – “Secret Wars: Battleworld” #1

marvel comics, secret wars, battle world
James Stokoe’s variant cover for Marvel’s “Secret Wars: Battleworld” #1
One-Two Punch…
Marvel Comics has just announced a new Secret Wars title to launch on May 20, 2015. Secret Wars: Battleworld #1 will be a limited series of 4-issues. This advance look promises pages packed with epic art in every panel and a multitude of heroes and villains in outre combinations and situations across Marvel’s blistering Battleworld.
marvel comics, secret wars, battle world
“Secret Wars: Battleword” drops in May 2015. Here’s Paco Medina’s heroic cover for issue 1.
Tale of Two Battles…
Each issue will feature two distinct stories. Issue 1 is created by writers Josh Williamson and Ed Brisson, with art by Mike Henderson and Scott Hepburn. We’ll see the conjuring of Dr. Strange pack an extra punch when he melds his ethereal talents with the earthly power of The Punisher, and they’ll be a sky jamming mess of M.O.D.O.K. as Mr. Big Head enlists all the M.O.D.O.K.’s ever to do his bidding.

Enjoy the previews and grab a copy of the premiere issue from your local comic dealer when it hits the stands.

marvel comics, secret wars, battle world
“Secret Wars: Battleworld” action figure variant cover by James Tyler Christopher

marvel comics, secret wars, battle worldmarvel comics, secret wars, battle world