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Kotobukiya 2016 ArtFX+ “Pre-Veals”

kotobukiya, batman vs. superman, dawn of justice, dc comics
Kotobukiya’s ARTFX+ rendition of “Batman Vs. Superman” much anticipated face off. (Photo courtesy of Kotobukiya)
kotobukiya, batman vs. superman, dawn of justice, dc comicsThe Toy Industry Association’s 2016 New York Fair is just a month away and things are heating up in Toyland. That includes some interesting “pre-veals” that have recently found their way into the SkeletonPete mailbox.

Punch Brothers…
We just received a communique from collectible figure artisans Kotobukiya unveiling their spectacular Dawn of Justice tableau with DC Comics icons Superman and Batman locked in combat. The ARTFX+ creation, scheduled for May 2016 release, is actually two individual 1/10 scale statues that fit together at the base to form the battle scene.

The film accurate sculpture gives us a nice insight into the details of the movie’s costumes. Particularly Batman’s “tank suit.” It also makes a great complimentary piece to the equally impressive Hulk versus Hulk Buster Iron Man displayed at last year’s Toy Fair, then anticipating Marvel Studios’ Avengers 2.

kylo ren, the force awakens, kotobukiya, artfx+
ARTFX+ Kylo Ren coming from Kotbukiya. (Photo Courtesy of Kotobukiya.)
Koto’s Kilo…
We’ve reported on Kotobukiya’s wonderful line of Star Wars statues in the past, and can now reveal their newest, The Force AwakensKylo Ren in all his dark glory. Like many of the other ArtFX+ figures Kylo comes with an assortment of swappable parts to emulate your favorite poses from the film.
kotobukiya, artfx+, jason vorhees, friday the thirteenth, bishoulo
Kotobukiya gives “Friday the Thirteenth’s” Jason a bishoujo make over.
Oh, You Pretty Things…
In addition to Kotobukiya’s expansive anime offerings the company has a unique line of bishoujo sculpts that portray famous film and comic characters in the guise of Japanese pop culture “pretty girls.” Along with sexy renditions of Star Wars, Marvel and DC properties, they’ve even found a way to glam up Friday the Thirteenth‘s Jason Voorhees and Nightmare on Elm Street‘s Freddy Krueger.

kotobukiya, avengers 2, artfx+, hulk, hulk buster iron man,
For “Avengers 2”, Kotobukiya offered this massive battle scene.
While we’re waiting to see the rest of Kotobukiya’s products for 2016, here’s a gallery of their goodies to admire.
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