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Big Gulp: The Pop Insider Hosts Hasbro’s Planet Devouring Transformer at NYCC19

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Hasbro’s largest Transformer ever. The Unicron met its crowd funding goal during NYCC 2019.

Hasbro Toys’ HASLAB division has officially hit the full funding mark for their War for Cybertron Unicron Transformer. At full conversion it’s the largest Transformers collectible ever produced by the company. This planet eating mega-bot was first introduced in the animated feature Transformers: The Movie back in 1986 and has since held chaotic reign in many versions of the Transformer universe. The toy, if we can actually call it that, has a 30 inch diameter in its Planet X guise and can be un-folded to a massive 27 inches tall in robotic reveal. It’s magnificently detailed down to an interchangeable chin for movie accuracy and will include a Galvatron figure.

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Flick of the Wrist: Hasbro’s One-Step Dinobot Transformer

A Single Movement Activates Grimlock's Transformation
A Single Movement Activates Grimlock’s Transformation

Really Big Bots…
The Hasbro Toy Company expands their trademarked, tried and true, Transformers line this season with a hefty battle contender, The “Stomp and Chomp” Grimlock. As envisioned in the most recent Transformers film Age of Extinction, Grimlock is the leader of the DinoBots and one sweet ride for Autobot Optimus Prime.

I encountered this behemoth at the recent Big Toy Book event HoliDAY of PLAY and was immediately impressed by its sturdy build and massive size.

The included Optimus Prime figure does not convert but when placed on Grimlock’s back serves to activate a specific set of actions, like lights, sounds and weapon releases. Grimlock is aware of whether an Autobot or Decepticon is on board and reveals different actions in response.
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One Small Step…
I’ve always loved the ingenuity of Transformers designs, but being pretty old school I was expecting the usual puzzlement of realigning this the toy’s components into any sensible shape after initial disassembly. Much to my surprise Grimlock’s T-Rex mode was instantly converted into a robot standing 20” tall with one pull of its back handle. Wow! Once he’s upright check the tail for a disguised samurai sword to arm your bot.

Additional figures can be purchased separately, there are several other one step changer transformers in the company’s movie related line.

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