Tubular Grohls: Dave Plays Solo

dave grohl, play. foo fighters
Dave Grohl
Release Date: August 10, 2018


Haydn Seek: Stratospheerius Drops “Guilty of Innocence” CD

joe deninzon, stratospheerius
Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius “Guilty of Innocence” on Melodic Revolution Records

Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius
Guilty of Innocence
Melodic Revolution Records
Release Date: September 29, 2017

Joe Deninzon: Electric Violin, Lead Vocals & Mandolin
Aurelien Budynek: Guitar & Backing Vocals
Jamie Bishop: Bass & Backing Vocals
Lucianna Padmore: Drums

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Mixes Suite(r) Than Wine: Steven Wilson Distills Gentle Giant for 21st Century

gentle giant, steven wilson, alucard records, three piece suite
Gentle Giant’s “Three Piece Suite.” A fitting birthday gift for baby Pantagruel.

Gentle Giant
Three Piece Suite
Alucard Records
Release Date: September 29, 2017


Big Love: Steven Wilson Remixes Gentle Giant Tracks

entle giant, 3 piece suite, steven wilson, tony visconti
Gentle Giant “3 Piece Suite” offers 5.1 Mixes of classic tracks.
In addition to his solo work and a number “side” projects, Steven Wilson has built quite a reputation in the audiophile and progressive rock fan communities for his 5.1 and stereo remixes of classic albums. His respect for, and love of the genre, has yielded what are currently recognized as definitive versions of career landmarks by Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Yes, and recently XTC.

While the aforementioned surround sound experiences are the main attraction for long time collectors (who may already own several versions of these classic recordings) there is usually a bevy of additional perks that, to my taste, often eclipse the multichannel mix. Packages have included just about every permutation of the source materials, including original masters, new mixes, alternative tracks and contemporaneous live versions. XTC’s Skylarking is a treasure trove.


Still You Turn Us On: Greg Lake – Tour, AutoBio & ELP Remasters

From the Beginning…
“An ordinary man, who has lived an extraordinary life” is how Greg Lake described himself at a gathering to announce an array of projects that will unfold throughout 2012. What he humbly failed to mention was the exceptional talent that led to that life. As a founder member of both King Crimson and Emerson, Lake and Palmer his songwriting, bass and guitar playing are cornerstones of the Progressive Rock genre. Then of course there’s his voice. THAT voice, which soared over the FM airwaves of 1970’s rock radio and into our homes and hearts. I’ve always believed that while increasing bombast became a hallmark of ELP, it was in fact Lake’s singular vocals that kept the audience engaged. Being given the opportunity to hear him perform some of his signature tunes at a recent press conference cemented my convictions.

Nestled in a cozy studio, part of Gibson Musical Instruments Headquarters in New York City, Lake gave a small group of reporters and admirers an overview of what he has in store for the rest of 2012. I was particularly pleased to learn that he has completed his autobiography, “not surprisingly” titled Lucky Man, he jokingly quipped. It will be offered first as an audio-book read by Lake himself and released in three volumes. A full text version is to be published by Omnibus Press around the end of the year. Audiobook Volume 1 will be available to fans during the current concert tour and will encompass his “birth to the end of King Crimson”.

Iconic Gibson J200 as played by Greg Lake

Lucky Fans, We Are
Having been cajoled by friends and fans over the years into undertaking this memoir, Lake found it easier to pull together during relaxed conversations with the stories of others sometimes being the jumping off point for his own memories. Inspired by this method Lake formulated the idea for a unique tour format. The “Songs of a Lifetime Tour” gives him a chance to interact with his audience on an intimate basis. Part musical performance, part reminiscence, each show will evolve to some extent guided by audience question and answer.

The 26 date tour began in Canada on April 11, and will wend its way down the United States East coast and then cross country to California, Washington and Oregon states. Lake is of course performing fan favorites from his own catalog but also suggested there would be “surprises.” One of these we now know is a version of “Heartbreak Hotel”, inspired no doubt by his beautiful Gibson J200 Acoustic Guitar, also Elvis Presley’s weapon of choice.

Greg Lake outlines "Songs of a Lifetime" Tour Format

Conference attendees were treated to an example of the format as Lake performed several of his most noted compositions then engaged in conversation that elicited many interesting (and often hilarious) anecdotes. Sitting in such close proximity and hearing Lake offer up “Lucky Man”, “I Talk to the Wind” and “From The Beginning” was quite an experience. He noted that it is sometimes harder to play to a small gathering than a stadium.

Re-Mastering The Masters of Prog Rock
In addition to Lake’s own projects the work of Emerson, Lake and Palmer will be back in the spotlight with a campaign of album re-masters. Razor & Tie Records will re-issue the group’s first six records in “expanded” editions later in the year. There is already a taste of what’s in store with a 14 track Best Of package (Come and See The Show) currently available on CD and iTunes.

While Lake lamented the demise of vinyl LP’s “communal” listening experience, he was enthused that excellent sounding representations of ELP’s classic catalog will be available on CD and download for a whole new generation to explore.
As the conference wound down Lake graciously signed posters, posed for photos, and casually chatted with participants including Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess, singer-songwriter Jann Klose, and members of Prog Tribute groups Wondrous Stories and Musical Box.