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Knock N Roll: Knuckle Headz Racers from SD Toyz

knuckle Headz, Skullduggery Toys, TTPM
Simple fun game play is a highlight of Skullduggery Toys Knuckle Headz.

Boney Maroney…
Skullduggery Toys, now there’s a company name sure to peak SkeletonPete’s curiosity. So it was a pleasure to meet their representatives at the fall Toys, Tots, Pets and More (TTPM) showcase.

Though Skullduggery is noted for their line of animal, hominid, dinosaur and human skull replicas they are also the makers of the popular remote control race car sets, Max Traxxx, Max Flex and the LED lit Marble Racers. At TTPM Andy and I got a look at the newest entry in their toy automobile line the Knuckle Headz – Head Poppin’ Racers.

No Log-ins, Just Noggins…
Knuckle Headz don’t require batteries, there’s no iPads or smart phone synching or future software updates. Just push the character head into its corresponding car, pull the back on the wheels to crank the “motor” and let go. Zoom, Bang, Pop, Repeat.

Knuckle Headz come in six character styles with appropriate decoration and ironic license plates. You can collect Finn the Shark, Fang the Saber Tooth Tiger, Francis the Gorilla, Snarl the Wolf, Rex the Tyrannosaurus and Stubs the Bulldog in single or two-fer starter packs.

Crash Course…
Aimed at an age range of the 3 plus it’s likely toddlers will enjoy the basic head popping action and begin to build motor skills in order to activate the cars on their own. Older kids can invent games around the varied outcomes and quickly repeatable play. Maybe it’s the head that doesn’t eject that’s the winner, maybe it’s best 3 out of five, maybe it’s the noggin that travels furthest (get out that tape measure). Building homemade ramps and obstacles to add variation to the vehicular excitement is a no brainer. Maybe it’s enough to let ‘em rip and watch ‘em fly.

knuckle Headz, Skullduggery Toys, TTPM
There are six crazy Knuckle Headz characters to choose from.

Head(z) in the Past…
Those of a certain age (i.e. geezers like me) will remember a similar experience via the “he knocked his block off” action of Mattel’s Rock’em, Sock’em Robots. It’s a toy my grandparents gifted me with back in the 1960’s and one that truly did provide the promised hours of fun. The motif of outsize heads in tiny autos is also reminiscent of the Weird-O’s and Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s creations like Mr. Gasser. A Spotify surf and drag playlist might be appropriate while devising catastrophic Knuckle Headz calamities.

SkeletonPete Says…

Waxing nostalgic is fun but not a necessity to enjoy Knuckle Headz as we witnessed at TTPM when a group of young gents approached the demonstration booth and instantly became engaged in multiple player amusement.

Knuckle Headz can be found at Target Stores this holiday season and beyond.

knuckle Headz, Skullduggery Toys, TTPM
– Any number of games can be quickly created around Knuckle Headz’ Crash, Boom, Bang play.

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