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Ka-Boom: DC Collectibles Expands “Bombshells” Merch

dc collectibles, dc comics, dc bombshells, harley quinn, the joker
DC Collectibles Harley Quinn gets another “Bombshells” Spin.
Girl Trouble…
Even the infamous Joker has his hands full when the ladies of DC comics get their own line of collectibles. The company’s Bombshells statues have recast their fantasy heroines and villainesses in the style of 1940’s pinups. Artist Ant Lucia began creating these vivacious calendar girls for DC Collectibles back in 2012. The first in the series, a “Rosie the Riveter” style Wonder Woman, set the tone, with Supergirl and Poison Ivy carrying on the lineage of artists like Gil Elvgren, George Petty and Alberto Vargas. Since then DC Comics has joined in the fun with a run of Bombshells variant covers. The group of sexy sirens has grown to include a revved up Stargirl and rock-a-billy Black Canary who might be belting out Wanda Jackson’s “Fujiyama Mama.”
dc collectibles, dc comics, dc bombshells, batwoman
Bat’er Up…
Later this year Batwoman gets to swing for the far wall in a baseball card themed statue taken directly from a DC variant cover, while Lois Lane in paperboy attire will hawk the Daily Planet. Also in waiting is a very sophisticated Catwoman in a very little black dress, and Harley Quinn in a deluxe edition covers a hapless and helpless Joker in crimson smooches.
dc collectibles, dc comics, dc bombshells, wonder woman, she can do it,
Ant Lucia’s Wonder Woman design gets blanket approval.

Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams…
The popular line expands into other merchandising areas with the announcement of branded blankets and robes. A recent press release reports that “Ant Lucia’s classic pin-up style artwork of DC Comics’ super-heroines continues to grace the DC Bombshells Satin Robes from Underboss and blankets from The NorthWest Company! The exclusive Harley Quinn robe features a two-toned red and black coloring with playing card diamonds on the front and a high-spirited Harley holding her trusty pistol on the back. Alternately you might choose to “get comfortable and curl up with your very own DC Comics Bombshell Harley Quinn or Wonder Woman tapestry blanket! Each blanket measures 46″x60″, is made of soft acrylic, and carries vivid detail of everyone’s favorite Queen Clown Harley Quinn or Can-Do Wonder Woman…”

You can find those exclusives on order through the March issue Diamond’s Previews catalog.

Click this link for a revealing look at the genesis of the DC Collectibles Bombshells line.

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5 replies on “Ka-Boom: DC Collectibles Expands “Bombshells” Merch”

Hi! I want to leave a question…but the head of the Joker is movale? Because seems more in a close view with Harley from the other photos I see 🙂 or, if is not, is another version? Thanks a lot in advance 🙂

Hi Revy –

Thanks for the question.

My experience with the DC Bombshells so far is that they are statues that have fixed positions and no moveable or swappable parts.

What we often encounter at Toy Fair are individual prototypes of upcoming products. They are displayed at the fair to give vendors/buyers a tangible idea of what a finished item will look like, but are still in the design stages and subject to changes before any real factory production. Many times we are asked not to photograph these items for that very reason.

It appears that DC Collectibles first inclination was to position the lovely couple very close to the iconic Alfred Eisenstaedt photo that appeared in LIFE Magazine in August 1945. Clearly a design change was made along the way. Joker staring out at us, bewildered, is a more comical choice, but apparently even that was not the final production choice.

I’m going to refer you to this page on the Statues.Com discussion board where members were recently chatting about these changes. There you will see photos of the actual production model which varies from both my NYTF15 pictures and the solicitation photos from DC.

There is also a variant of the statue slated, which changes the colors of Harley’s stockings and hair.

Hope this helps your decision.


BTW, I’ll be posting many photos from DC Collectibles’ NYTF 2016 booth very soon. They have so many great items lined up.

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