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Bears for Humanity: A Company With a Conscience

Sherpa Bear
Bears for Humanity’s “Sherpa Bear”

Furry Hugs, First Love…
At Toy Insider‘s recent Sweet Suite event, I was drawn to a line of adorable stuffed toys. The display was colorful, with several members of the animal kingdom represented — bears, lions, monkeys, elephants, eagles, dinosaurs, giraffes, dogs, cats — oh my! I was immediately reminded me of my first teddy bear. I think he had previously belonged to my cousin, which he then passed down to me.

Teddy was brown, soft and cuddly. He was my friend and constant companion. As an only child, my imagination and my toys were my solace. I wore Teddy out from years of hugs, but he managed to stay with me long after I’d “outgrown” him. Every child’s first teddy should be one they will always cherish.

Bears for Humanity’s Animal Pals

Better Than the Average Bear…
Renju and Vijay Prathap wanted to create a line of safe, nontoxic toys they could feel good about giving to their own children. With that goal in mind, they founded Bears for Humanity and they succeeded. Their eco-friendly animal companions are made from plush, 100% certified organic cotton, they are hypoallergenic, and the fill is made from recycled plastic bottles and caps. Hand sewn, and built in the United States, these cute, quality stuffties comes in two sizes, 12 inches and 16 inches, and range in price between $25 and $45.

Bears for Humanity – Organic Stuffed Toys

Sharing is Caring…
Bears For Humanity doesn’t just manufacture furry friends for children, their mission is two-fold. In addition to creating organic, quality toys, they wanted to give back to the community. With that spirit of generosity, they came up with their “Buy One, Give One” model. With each purchase, Bears for Humanity donates a teddy bear to a child in need through their network of charitable giving partners (Toys for Tots, Save the Children, Semper Fi Fund, among others).

But that still wasn’t enough for Renju and Vijay. They also work with programs to provide jobs for at-risk women. Bears For Humanity strives to support struggling families by training and employing working mothers through CalWORKS, California’s welfare-to-work program. These women are provided a fair hourly wage and trained on the newest sewing equipment, giving them a skill set for the future.

Through their “Buy One, Give One” model, a toy is donated to charity with each purchase.

Andy Says…
Gift-giving season will be upon us sooner than we think. With so many options, it’s hard to choose, but if you care about giving quality to your little ones, while supporting a good cause, you may want to consider Bears for Humanity, a company with a heart.

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