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The Ghoulish Gang Returns

Tree Hugging Frankie Gives a Halloween Peek-A-BOO!
Tree Hugging Frankie Gives a Halloween Peek-A-BOO!

These photos were taken a couple of years ago when I was first experimenting with a set of Polaroid close-up adaptors. Thought I’d share them for Halloween 2014.

I found this “paint-it-yourself” kit of approximately 2 inch plaster figures called “The Ghoulish Gang” in a crafts shop (possibly Michaels) ages ago. In those days better eyesight, a steadier hand, and a higher quality set of art brushes than the one the kit supplied, allowed for such an endeavor.

Ghostly Jack-In-The- Jack-O-Lantern
Ghostly Jack-In-The- Jack-O-Lantern

The “gang” returns from my basement storage area every fall season to add a little mirth to the household. I particularly enjoy these sculpts for their attention to detail (like the raven sitting on the witch’s shoulder) and their humorous spin on some classic monsters. The tree hugging Frankenstein and howling with his pals Wolfman are my favorites along with the unique “jack-in-the-jack-o-lantern” ghost popping out of a pumpkin. I’d be even happier had the set included a lagoonish “gillman.”

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