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Tail Shakin’, Lip Smackin’ Action: Hasbro’s Rocket Raccoon

Hasbro's Big Blastin' Rocket Raccoon Points the Cannon at You
Hasbro’s Big Blastin’ Rocket Raccoon Points the Cannon at You
With Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy poised for release just a few days from now this summer’s biggest star may turnout to be a 3 foot something CGI critter, voiced by Bradley Cooper, and armed to the teeth with tech weapons and one liners. Rocket Raccoon.

The GotG trailers suggest a tongue in cheek approach to galaxy guarding, with the scrappy Rocket the cheekiest among the rag tag band. If your youngster is raring to battle with Thanos’ henchman then Hasbro Toys has your back with two Rocket Raccoon goodies, already on sale.

Hasbro's Rocket Raccoon Action Mask Includes  User Activated Motion.
Hasbro’s Rocket Raccoon Action Mask Includes User Activated Motion.

Face Time…
Encountered at Hasbro’s Sweet Suite 2014 booth, The Rocket Raccoon Action Mask takes role-playing up a notch. It sports an interior mechanism that allows the wearer to move the mouth, eyebrows and ears. All the better to emote while foiling bad guys and singing “Hooked On A Feeling” (Ooga Chocka) or “Cherry Bomb” from the 70’s-centric movie soundtrack.

I predict many a moppet clad in Rocket Raccoon garb on Halloween 2014, this would be a superb choice to highlight that costume.

Rocket's Action is Activated from his Gun Scope or Leg Mounted Button.
Rocket’s Action is Activated from his Gun Scope or Leg Mounted Button.
Equipped with a Gun…
The Big Blastin’ Rocket Raccoon should make action figure collectors happy. The 8’ character is “locked and loaded” for battle, and he says so as part of his electronic repertoire of sounds and phrases. There’s a multi colored light array on the spinning turret and ear twitching, jaw flapping motion. Single action is activated from the gun scope, while continuous action can be effected from a button on his leg. Rocket’s backpack conceals the battery compartment for 3 AA cells, and has an on/off plus demo switch.

Both toys are rated for children 4 and up.

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3 replies on “Tail Shakin’, Lip Smackin’ Action: Hasbro’s Rocket Raccoon”

I’m willing to bet $$$ that Rocket is the break out character from this film. It’s funny to think about how the original comic that featured him some years ago was looked at with a large level of “what the heck!!!” but now as a member of The Guardians Of The Galaxy he is going to do some good. Maybe DC Comics should give Captain Carrot a starring role in this upcoming “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” since everyone else seems to be in it already 🙂

This is an example of where CGI really shines. I’m not a proponent of all green screen all the time, but in characterizations like this and Gollum and Ceasar, it beats the heck out of a guy in a rubber suit.

Captain Carrot, I’m not so sure, but you can bring on Mr. Mxyzptlk.

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