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Whose Nexus?: A Life (House) with “Who’s Next”

The Who, Who's Next Anniversary
In 1971, an unrealized sci-fi film concept, the teachings of Sufi Master Meher Baba, an acetate of new tunes, and an inspired jam session with Leslie West, all informed what became the Who’s Next album.

52 years ago today, what is now considered a milestone album in the history of rock music, Who’s Next was released. With a massive Super Deluxe Edition of early 70s Who music looming I had cause to reminisce about my personal attachment to the Who‘s Next album and the uncompleted project called Lifehouse that spawned it.

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7th Son of a 7th Son: Happy Anniversary PiercingMetal

Leslie West & Uli Jon Roth Rock BB Kings
Seven and Seven Is...
Wow, some cliches are true. Time really does go by like a bat out of hell when you’re having fun. PiercingMetal.Com is celebrating its seventh year of bringing New York Metal coverage to the world at large, and its been a pleasure, a privilege, and – yep – a hell of a lot of fun to help Kenny Pierce with photography and reviews now and then. Here’s to at least seven more glorious years of mucho metal from the PiercingMetal crew.

SkeletonPete Says…
I shot my first show at BB King Blues Club and Grill at Ken’s request. It was a Mountain gig with drummer Bobby Rondinelli’s band The Lizards as direct support. Those picture galleries are here. Conveniently I can give PiercingMetal an official SkeletonPete “Lucky Seven” shout out by sending you all over to peruse my pix and shared feature on the recent Uli Jon Roth/Leslie West show (featuring Bobby R.) Kenny and New York Luthier Joe Kaufman weigh in on the evenings’ events as well and Ken has some videos of the show posted. Click this link to find your way there.