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Rare Craft: Toys & Models Corp’s Legendary Vessels

Apollo 11 Replica can be purchased in "Buzz" Aldrin Signature Edition
Space, Race, Grace…
The recent passing of astronaut Neal Armstrong, the first earthling to set foot on the Moon, and the preparations for the Space Shuttle Endeavor’s final “tour” to Los Angeles’ California Science Center where it will reside in the Samuel Oschin Pavilion reminded me of these images I captured at New York Toy Fair last season. These finely crafted replicas of landmark aeronautic and nautical vessels are the handiwork of Toys And Models Corporation. Their beautiful scale renderings of vessels of exploration run the gamut from the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk to Apollo 11 and beyond.

In addition to the down to the pin-point paint work of the standard models, the company also offers the “Natural” series presented in richly stained and polished wood tones. If you have your own plane the Custom Shop will create a replica for you. They are really great statement pieces for a home library or den.

Signed Editions…
The “Signature” series adds more collectibility to the models with limited editions inscribed by astronauts and pilots of the various craft. I’ve got my eye on the Apollo 11 signed by “Buzz” Aldrin. The R.M.S. Titanic model can be purchased signed by Millvina Dean, who was only 9 months old when rescued from the sinking ship. On her passing in 2009 she was the oldest of the disaster survivors.

Where's Kate and Leo?

If you’re interested in having your own version of the Intrepid Air, Sea and Space Museum at home, desire a special memento in your “man cave”, or want to envision yourself as “king of the world” on the Titanic’s bow with Kate Winslet (or Leo DiCaprio) there’s no better place to look than Toys and Models Corporation.

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