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Horror with a Heart: The Dark Fantasy World of BBC Three’s “The Fades”

Paul Roberts (Iain De Caestecker) in The BBC Three series The Fades (2011-2012)

“This is a bad idea.” – Paul Roberts (The Fades)

“Correction. This is a good idea with bad possibilities.” – Mac Armstrong (The Fades)


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Cloning Chloe: NECA’s Carrie and KA2 Figures

NECA's new Hit-Girl Figure Gets Chloe's Countenance Just Right
NECA’s new Hit-Girl Figure Gets Chloe’s Countenance Just Right

On a recent subway ride I spied the posters for Kick Ass 2 which jogged my memory about these shots of NECA’s film related figures I could share. These replicas of characters M’Fer (Christopher Mintz-Plasse,) Kick Ass (Aaron Taylor-Johnson,) and Hit Girl (Chloe Grace Moritz) are already available for purchase in anticipation of the film’s August 16th release date. The approximately 7 Inch figures feature more than 20 points of articulation for expansive posing possibilities.

A slew of newly minted ad hoc heroes join the forces in this sequel to the really enjoyable 2008 original. Jim Carrey will portray Colonel Stars and Stripes, whose battering weapon (named Betsy Ross) has also been recreated as a full size prop by the toy company.
Colonel Stars and Stripes Weapon of Choice, Battling "Betsy Ross"
Colonel Stars and Stripes Weapon of Choice, Battling “Betsy Ross”

Carried Away…

Chloe as Carrie: A Beautiful Bloody Mess for your Display Shelf
Chloe as Carrie: A Beautiful Bloody Mess for your Display Shelf

Postponed from spring 2013 to a more appropriate All Hallow’s season debut is the newest spin on Steven King’s telekinetic teen Carrie White with Ms. Moritz as the title character. Pre-orders are available for NECA’s versions of Carrie/Chloe as pristine prom queen and iconic blood drenched terror in both single and double packs.

SkeletonPete Says…
Julianne Moore will portray Carrie’s religiously repressive mother (first depicted by Piper Laurie) and I’m sure she’ll turn in a great performance, but it’s hard to believe that the opportunity to cast Sissy Spacek in the maternal role was missed.