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MASSive Reaper: Dark Horse Ups the Ante

Over the last several months my Toy Fair sneak peek showcasing Dark Horse’s Mass Effect Reaper Replica has been bringing in lots of looks and questions as to when it would become available, actual size and pricing.

As of today the company has announced a rethink on the original collectible (which was about 8 inches tall.) According to DH’s press release the revamped Reaper will measure a whopping 18.5 inches.

18 Inch Reaper Collectible from Dark Horse

Dark Horse says, “This craft is the flagship of the rogue Spectre Saren Arterius. Responsible for leading a devastating attack on the Citadel in the original Mass Effect game, Sovereign is an enormous sentient dreadnought larger than two kilometers in length. The Dark Horse re-creation of Sovereign also has a sculpted base depicting a devastated city and planetary surface to convey its huge scale.”

It will be limited to a numbered edition of no more than 1000 and include exclusive multi-player in-game bonus (only for XBox 360 and PC versions of Mass Effect 3.) The high end collectible carries a price of $349.00 and is expected to hit th market by June 2013.

You can put a pre-order deposit of $100.00 on it at the BioWare store.

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