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Mass Effect Reaper Replica to join Dark Horse Stable

Mass Effect Reaper Replica from Dark Horse Comics

More exciting news from the absolutely amazing 2012 American International Toy Fair. Here’s a quick note to alert Mass Effect franchise fans about Dark Horse Comics‘ upcoming Reaper replica. While I was visiting their booth to get a peak at the new line of “Good Luck Trolls” (“Wishniks” to those my vintage), Dark Horse’s V.P. of Product Development, David Scroggy, gave me the OK to shoot some first-look photos of their Mass Effect Reaper replica just cleared for licensing. As you can see from this prototype, collectors will be treated to an exceptionally detailed rendering of these bio-mechanical starships.

Thanks so much to David and Chris G., Product Development Manager, for taking time out from what is essentially a sales event to give me a look at some of the incredible new items to come from the company. Check back soon for more information and photos of Dark Horse’s newest collectibles.

Now go download your Mass Effect 3 demo.

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