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ArtBar Gallery announces October 2016 exhibition. “Eliezer Parrilla, Paintings, Sculptures and Reliefs.” (Poster Design: Jorge Vargas)
SkeletonPete Says…
If you’ve read our “About Us” section, you’ll note in addition to sharing the “stuff we like,” Andy and I are clear that another part of our mission is to bring attention to the talented group of people we’ve been lucky enough to call friends over the years.

So it’s with great pleasure that I can once again make good on that promise and announce the upcoming gallery show of artist Eliezer Parrilla. Eliezer has been a friend and colleague for the last 30 plus years. He’s a knowledgeable and open conversationalist, enthusiastically discussing everything from Carl Jung’s archetypes to details of the newest analog to digital audio streamers. He’s also been a welcome “partner in crime” collector of books and music. My groaning library shelves attest to the many enlightening texts he has suggested.

Full Disclosure…
If you find it out of the ordinary for the SkeletonPete site to post a press release verbatim. Well, I wrote it. It’s stuff I like, hope you do too…

artbar gallery, eliezer parrilla, kingston new york
“The Unrest of Being” Artist: Eliezer Parrilla

For Immediate Release…
(Kingston, New York – September 14, 2016) The ArtBar Gallery (674 Broadway
Kingston, NY 12401 Tel. 845-338-2789) will premiere a solo exhibition of works by artist Eliezer Parrilla on Saturday October 1 from 5:00-8:00 pm. Eliezer Parrilla: Paintings, Sculptures and Reliefs will feature the West Hurley artist’s most recent work and be on view through Oct. 29.

Eliezer Parrilla was born in New York City in 1950. He studied throughout his teenage years in Puerto Rico, returning to New York to complete his architecture and education degrees at Brooklyn College and Long Island University. His career has included classroom teaching, as well as administrative and grant writing duties for bilingual education departments in Brooklyn and Queens.

Before there was an acronym for it (S.T.E.A.M.) Parrilla was injecting art and technology into the classroom setting. His lessons, including a unit on paper tessellation’s, introduced students to the artistic outcomes of mathematical, architectural, and engineering decisions. This confluence of technical and natural sciences has been a focus of Parrilla’s own work from the time he began painting in the 1970’s.

Parrilla’s creations are notable for incorporating Jungian visual archetypes into modern cultural and political undercurrents. “Sometimes, we may require the dream state and reality to merge.” says the artist. “…progress has often been solely filtered through the application of science and technology. That unfortunately appears manifested not in the betterment of humankind, but in service of refining methods of warfare.”

artbar gallery, eliezer parrilla, kingston new york
“Between Lives” Artist: Eliezer Parrilla

The artist’s 2013-2016 works, which make up the bulk of the Art Bar Gallery exhibit, have been heavily influenced by his move to West Hurley. During the construction of his studio space Parrilla became enamored with the idea of using standard and industrial carpentry tools to interpret his ideas. The new reliefs and carvings include router and bandsaw interpretations of several of his recurring themes such as “the great mother.” Other images, like the black acrylic on aluminum series, were created with parts of “found” items as substrates and makeshift art tools. In this case old computer parts were the inspiration. A limited edition series of bronzes, cast from his wood carvings, will be shown for the first time at the Art Bar Gallery.

Previous exhibition themes have included From The Womb To The Tomb, School of the Americas, Process and Continuity, with shows at several museums in Puerto Rico, educational conferences, and the World War II Memorial at Brooklyn’s Cadman Plaza. Select limited edition fine art prints of the artist’s work will also be available for purchase.

Parrilla’s Website…
The artist’s expansive catalog of paintings, works on paper, and photographs can be seen online at

Additional works can be viewed in video format, soundtracked by Parrilla’s original music, on the Strong Modern Channel curated by Andrew McDonnell.

The opening event will be complimented by the music of Le Petit Pépinot, a world folk group with a taste for quirky instrumentation.

About ArtBar Gallery…
Owner/curator Allison Constant describes the ArtBar as follows, “Imagine a space where artists and art lovers could gather to share their common interest in all things art. Imagine that space being comfortable, relaxed, and inviting, offering a lite fare menu, desserts, and drinks. Imagine a new exhibition each month with a conceptual theme that offers not only something to look at, but something to think about.

On the first Saturday of each month a new exhibition opens. It may be a solo artist show or an installation of several artists. They may be emerging artists, well established, or anywhere in between. Many of our exhibitions have a contemporary feel, but rest assured our exhibitions are diverse and eclectic. Simply put; I select art I enjoy. I hope and trust that you will too.

I invite you to stop by and view our current exhibition, chat with the artists, mingle with other art lovers, and immerse yourself in the art. And remember, it’s OK to look.”

artbar gallery, eliezer parrilla, kingston new york
“Archons and Angels” Artist: Eliezer Parrilla

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