Take Me To Your Leader: M83 @ Webster Hall

When my band Dance Half Done booked a gig the night before Thanksgiving, I was stuck with the unfortunate situation of missing M83’s Musichall of Williamsburg show that very same evening. Don’t get me wrong I prefer playing to attending someone else’s show, but I’ve been really jazzed about M83’s expansive “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming” album and much of their earlier music. I was bummed. Thanks to Ms. Erin in Philly taking a chance on a Craigslist ticket swap, I got to see them at Webster the night before. A true “cake and eat it too” situation.

Here’s a bit of video from the opening number aptly called “Intro”. Can someone enlighten me on the Greedo looking character who comes out to greet the audience at the start of the show. Blessings from outer space or dreamland?

Mssr. Gonzalez and the crew will return to NYC in May 2012, this time playing Terminal 5.

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  • Wow that is some really cool stuff to hear and I think I will look into some of it as a nice change of pace from the constant thrashing I put myself in the face of. I was also happy to read the tale of that kind of ticket swap. Man its awesome when something like that works out and leaves everyone a happy camper. You truly cannot beat that.

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