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Lord Vader assembles the troopers for another Toy Fair Invasion

The 109th American International Toy Fair
Wow, a year has already gone by since Kenny Pierce and I first reported on the magical realm of The American International Toy Fair. If you’re old enough to remember the Sears “Wish Book” catalog that arrived at your house right after Thanksgiving, offering a mind-blowing plethora of choices for your Christmas list, then think of Toy Fair as a living breathing representation of what was on those pages.

Covering this industry conference is like participating in a media-skewed Olympic event but we’re prepared with energy bars, comfy shoes and a dogged determination to give you an inside look at the great things coming your way in the next year.

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Ladies & Gentlemen, SkeletonPete’s Favorite DVD of 2010

Eagle Vision’s release of the here-to-fore missing in action Rolling Stones 1974 concert film “Ladies and Gentleman, The Rolling Stones” topped my list for most watched and listened to Blu-Ray DVD’s last year and continues to be in the “close to the Playstation 3” pile. Read why in my review at Also check out the archived review of the equally good “Stones In Exile” documentary here on SkeletonPete.

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Rory Gallagher: “Ghost Blues” and Bottom Line Memories

I just finished my review of the newest Rory Gallagher DVD (Eagle Vision) for PiercingMetal. It’s called “Ghost Blues” and is a documentary on Gallagher’s life, including a bonus disc loaded with live performances from Beat Club in the early 1970’s. I love it. You can read why here.

Writing this review brought back memories of seeing Rory do his thing at The Bottom Line Club back in February 1976. That was an amazing night in a small 450 seat venue and a blistering performance. I remember he came out and plugged into a small amp that was simply propped on one of the club’s even then decrepit wooden chairs. I remember the incredible runs of false harmonics he plucked and a performance of my favorite acoustic number “Out On The Western Plain”. I also vividly remember that Roger Taylor, John Deacon and Brian May of Queen were in attendance and my friend Bill and I actually managed the bravado to go up and get handshakes and autographs.

Rory was supporting his Against the Grain album that tour and I still have the ticket taped to the back of the LP. $4.50 for a night of rock n roll nirvana.