A Spree Grows in Brooklyn: Bi-Annual Guitar Show Takes Root

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What It Is…
On Sunday April 7, 2013 Brooklyn Bowl hosts what has become a seasonal tradition for all things with strings, The Third Annual Brooklyn Springtime Guitar Show. Event promoters Lisa Sharken of Vintage Guitar Magazine and DJ Uncle Mike (who also runs the Collect-i-Bowl Record Fairs) have packed the house with a variety of vendors eager to show you their unique wares.

I first reported on the show back in spring of 2011 (read it here) and have made it my business to be on hand every time since then. It’s a great chance to test drive the handiwork of a diverse group of custom luthiers, boutique amp alchemists, and stomp box builders. There are of course plenty of high quality vintage instruments to encounter as well. The gathering has a fun, local swap-meet feel. You can bring a guitar, amp or old EFX box you’d like to sell or trade.

SkeletonPete Says…
If you love being surrounded by a bounty of beautiful instruments, and appreciate the warm glow of rectifier tubes, you must not miss this event. Doors open at 11:00 AM, and the show runs until 5PM. Admission is FREE! The Brooklyn Bowl is located at 61 Wythe Street, between N.11 & N.12. The venue has plenty of great local brews on-tap (I’m partial to Kelso of Brooklyn’s Nut Brown Lager) and Blue Ribbon, the in-house restaurant, has a menu of tasty vittles a step above the usual pub fare.