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Deus Ex Machina: Dark Horse’s Prometheus Series Premieres

September 10th will see the release of Fire and Stone, issue #1 in Dark Horse Comics’ new Prometheus tie-in series. As you know the Ridley Scott film of 2012 presented a kinda-sorta prequel to the classic Alien franchise and garnered both kudos and bewildered shrugs from a fairly divided fandom audience.

Scott promises more to come on screen about the role of “the engineers” in our earthly genesis. In fact he just announced the completion of the screenplay for Prometheus 2: Paradise, as well as his long awaited Blade Runner sequel and a film called The Martian.

Artist Paul Pope's Cover Variant for Prometheus: Fire and Stone from Dark Horse Comics
Artist Paul Pope’s Cover Variant for Prometheus: Fire and Stone from Dark Horse Comics

Prometheus 2 is slated to appear sometime in 2016, a year later than originally announced. In the meantime, this 4 book series relates the mission of a deep space salvage team on LV-223 approximately 125 years after the events in the film. We’re introduced to the crew via character Clara Atkinson’s documentary film in progress. Paul Tobin’s script sets-up plenty of personal intrigue and – as you’ve already guessed – there is way more than a routine salvage job waiting.

The interior art by Juan Ferreyra is tight with lots of detail and he gets to add some creepy creatures to the Alien pantheon, as the crew investigates the evolving flora and fauna of LV-223.

Juan Ferrerya's interior art gives a cinematic feel to the panels.
Juan Ferrerya’s interior art gives a cinematic feel to the panels.

SkeletonPete Says…
Prometheus: Fire and Stone #1 is a sure thumbs up from me, and a total score for fans of the Alien mythos. I personally like the prospects of this series better than the film it references. ‘nuff said.

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Memento Mori: NECA Preps Predator Trophy Room

NECA's Predator Figures Trade War Stories in the Trophy Room
NECA’s Predator Figures Trade War Stories in the Trophy Room

NECA (National Entertainment Collectibles Association) has some really unique additions for your display shelves scheduled for 2013 and beyond. Their broad series of film and video-game licensed products are always expertly rendered and they have a sharp sense of the specialties collectors desire. Previous coverage of their product line can be seen here.

Heads You Lose…
One piece of particular interest spied at New York Toy Fair 2013 is the detailed replica of the Predator Trophy Wall as seen in Predator 2. Measuring 11” high x 12” across NECA says the limited edition diorama was created as “a reward to the fans who have faithfully collected all the various Predator figures and exclusives,” giving them a place of honor for the trophy skulls they’ve gathered. Not exactly what you’d bring home from the local bowling tournament but irresistible none-the-less. The backdrop comes replete with a massive toothsome lizard noggin as an exclusive. 7 more souvenirs of the extraterrestrial hunters’ quarry can be attached from your existing collection or purchased separately.

Limited Edition Trophy Wall…

Series 9 and 10 of the popular Predator action figure series will focus on two classics. Series 9 (June 2013) gives us two versions of Arnold Swartzenegger as Dutch Schaefer from the original 1987 film, as well as a semi-translucent “water emergence” version of his Yautja adversary. The “Jungle Disguise” Dutch is a spectacular piece, bound to be a favorite.

In Series 10 NECA chose to pay homage to the loveably loopy Kenner Predator figures by putting their own spin on the Nightstorm, Lava Planet and Hive Wars styles. These are currently scheduled for August release.

Predator Series 9…

Predator Series 10…

Loving the Alien(s)…
Of course you can barely utter the name Predator without alternately thinking of one of their prime prey, the Alien. NECA gives us a relaunch of the Aliens series, with Colonial Marines Hudson and Hicks, as well as a brand new xenomorph for them to battle. The marines measure approximately 7” inches tall and come with a hefty arsenal of weaponry and tech.

NECA's new 9" Xenomorph prepares to pounce on colonial marines.
NECA’s new 9″ Xenomorph prepares to pounce on colonial marines.

The new Alien measures an impressive 9” high and has 30 points of articulation, bendable tail, and extending interior jaws. NECA debuted these beauties at Toy Fair with a dazzling diorama including customized acid spattering wounded creatures. Sorry fans this one was for display only but it gave a great view of the extensive positioning the new creature toy is capable of. This one is a masterpiece of movability.

Just in case you have a hankering for the characters from the puzzling Alien prequel Prometheus, there is a full line of selections for you.

NECA has lots more in store including stunning 1/4 scale Adam West and Michael Keaton Batman figures and Lone Ranger, Kick Ass 2, and Carrie series. There are plenty of photos to share and I’ll be keeping you up to date as release times approach.