“Stand Up And Shout” Fund: Ronnie James Dio Remembered

The 1st anniversary of the passing of rock legend Ronnie James Dio sent me back to my photos from the 2011 NYC Toy Fair for a look at the beautifully rendered tribute figurine produced by Knucklebonz. These officially licensed resin cast statues are meticulously hand painted and limited to 3000 worldwide. A portion of each sale goes to the “Stand Up and Shout” Cancer Fund created in honor of Dio. The fund, started by Ronnie’s wife/manager Wendy, has already raised $450,000 dollars for early cancer detection and treatment. Later this year over 100 musical instruments donated by Tony Iommi, Slayer, Eddie Van Halen, Metallica, Aerosmith, Slash, Sting and Rush will be auctioned through Christies Auction House with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the fund. More info on how you can help is here.

As you can see Knucklebonz produces a wide variety of equally detailed “Rock Iconz”, including Dimebag Darrell and Randy Rhoads. The company has recently added licensing deals for Jim Henson Studios characters from both “The Dark Crystal” and “Labyrinth”, as well as The Beatles “Yellow Submarine”.

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  • Great piece Skeleton Pete. I chimed in on this since I was certain that your readers would appreciate the memorial thoughts that I did when Ronnie first passed away in early 2010. With the one year anniversary of the death of this legendary figure in music history happening recently, I reflected upon the loss and some of what transpired afterward. That can be read via the link below and it will lead to my original thoughts with its photos that were all also done by me when catching him perform in concert. Truly there were few like him and the Metal community is still reeling from this loss.


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