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Sweet Spot for Top Pop: The Toy Insider’s 2018 Summer Event

toy insider, pop insider, sweet suite, sweet suite 2018
A-MAZING Journey…
Confronted by a gigantic balloon maze upon our first steps into The Toy Insider’s 2018 Sweet Suite Andy and I knew we weren’t in Kansas (well Brooklyn) anymore. Though we opted for the geezer method of entering alongside the two story mass of inflatables, most of the younger attendees chose to work their way through the undulating portal. Explosive pops accented their journey while outsized balloon balls roamed the floor reminding me of Rover from The Prisoner TV series.

toy insider, pop insider, sweet suite, sweet suite 2018

Young Bloggers and Vloggers filed their reports from Toy Insider’s Sweet Suite Event.

Younger Than Yesterday…
While it didn’t seem possible that it could be bigger, The Toy Insider’s summer gala expanded its scope of sponsor companies as well as it’s overall reach by inviting the top young online influencers to share the experience. Social media has added a grassroots level to all reporting with blogging and vlogging reviewers getting younger and younger. Watching the reactions of those youngsters who these products are aimed at was enlightening. It also added an enjoyable air of freneticism to the festivities. It was a party with the coolest selection of favors ever. We think our image gallery reveals a wealth of authentic “eureka” moments.
toy insider, pop insider, sweet suite, sweet suite 2018
Culture Club…
Not just the balloons were popping. Sweet Suite 18 also inaugurated TI’s sister project The PopInsider which is aimed at the geek collector, binge watcher, cosplayer and general pop culture enthusiast in us all. In this case age is only a number. Andy was excited to learn that Stranger Things fan fave Barb will be added to McFarlane Toys‘ line of Netflix licensed action figures this coming fall.

Pete and Andy Say…
Our review items (AKA “Swag Boxes”) have arrived and we’re excited to offer in-depth reports on our favorite playthings for the upcoming season. In the meantime enjoy the gallery overview of this special day.
toy insider, pop insider, sweet suite, sweet suite 2018

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Roller Coaster of Love: LEGO Reveals New Creator Package at TTPM 2018 Spring Event

lego, roller coaster, ttpm, lego 10261

Just announced LEGO (10261) Creator Expert Level Roller Coaster Kit.

Andy and I are on our way the TTPM Spring Event (Toys, Tots, Pets and More) and we’ll be reporting on our favorites from the multitude of goodies we encounter.

Here’s a first look at one toy we’re really excited to experience up close today. This marvelous, just announced, LEGO Creator Expert level Roller Coaster (10261) is loaded with amazing details. There’s a ticket booth, boarding station with height marker, vendor stands, money, cotton candy and more. The two coaster trains will give the 11 included figures a day of thrills at the fairground. This fully functioning chain lift action can even be upgraded with LEGO Boost and motorized power functions for added movement sensor and sound effects. Available starting June 1, 2018.
lego, roller coaster, ttpm, lego 10261lego, roller coaster, ttpm, lego 10261

Tinker, Tailor, Baker, Joker: Famed Movie Makeup Artist Creates Exclusive DC Collectible

the joker, rick baker, dc collectibles

Makeup artist Rick Baker’s amazing 1:1 rendition of The Joker for DC Collectibles.

No Laughing Matter…
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Get The Firehouse!: Diamond Select Expands Ghostbusters Action Figure Series

diamond select toys, ghostbusters, real ghostbusters

DST’s Select Ghostbusters action figures Series 6-10 will include the parts to build the Firehouse diorama.

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Space Truckin’: HEXBUG nano Explores the Galaxy

HEXBUG, nano nao space, vex robotics

HEXBUG nano Space adds an intergallactic factor to the popular miniature robotics product line.

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