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Mezco’s Toho Kaiju Mojo: New 5 Points XL Sets Feature Monster Island Inhabitants

Mezco Toyz, mothra, kaiju, toys, 5 points xl, action figures, Godzilla
Mezco’s 5 Points XL kaiju menagerie represents the mighty inhabitants of Monster Island. (Photo courtesy of Mezco Toyz)

Monster Monday #1

Mezco Toyz is keeping kaiju fans busy this season with plenty of new collectibles to consider.

Following hot on the multiple claws and jaws of their two Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters sets, the company has announced pre-orders for the next of their 5 Points XL Toho Studios related figures; Mothra.

Mezco Toyz, mothra, kaiju, toys, 5 points xl, action figures, Godzilla
Mezco Toyz adds Mothra in butterfly form to their 5 Points XL Kaiju Collectibles.
(photo courtesy of Mezco Toyz)

While the Destroy All Monsters grouping includes Mothra in her caterpillar stage, this newest set renders the creature in full butterfly splendor.

The Mezzo press release notes […] “the massive moth measures 9” in length from wing to wing. Mothra features a flocked body and an articulated head and wings.”

The Mothra replica will be accompanied by figures representing her lilliputian allies from Infant Island. Possibly riffing on the miniaturized Princess Parisa in Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, Mothra (1961) introduced the Shobijin, or pretty fairies. Their lilting song “Mosura no Uta” is used to urge the giant larva to hatch from its egg and show her power. It is indelibly looped in my brain.

Mezco Toyz, mother, kaiju, toys, 5 points xl, action figures, Godzilla, shobijin, Ito sisters
The Shobijin were played by the Ito Sisters, also known as the singing duo The Peanuts.

Really Big Moth to Really Big Show…

Mothra’s diminutive fairy guardians were portrayed by twin sisters Emi & Yumi Ito. Professionally known as The Peanuts, the Ito’s had a worldwide multi-lingual singing career that saw them perform at the 1964 Summer Olympics opening ceremonies and on major variety programs like The Ed Sullivan Show. 

The duo’s lullabies and tribal tattoos to the metamorphosing Moth can be heard along with composer Akira Ifukube’s evocative cues on the soundtrack to Godzilla Vs. The Thing, as well as The Best of Godzilla 1954-1975 compilation, which I found streaming on Apple Music. 

Mezco Toyz, mothra, kaiju, toys, 5 points xl, action figures, Godzilla
The American release of Mothra Vs Godzilla kept The Big G’s opponent wrapped in mystery.

Moth of Mystery…

Mezco has boxed Mothra and her compact cohorts in a replica of the Shojibin’s carrying case seen Mothra Vs. Godzilla. That film’s 1964 United States release saw it retitled as Godzilla Vs. The Thing, and promoted with posters rendered by master monster artist Reynold Brown. This promo sported the Big G’s opponent obscured by a giant question mark. Truth be told the rumble was likely perceived as a drop in stature on the fight card after the battle of the century, King Kong Vs. Godzilla (1963).

Mezco Toyz, mothra, kaiju, toys, 5 points xl, action figures, Godzilla
Mezco Toyz, mothra, kaiju, toys, 5 points xl, action figures, Godzilla
(photos courtesy of Mezco Toyz)

SkeletonPete Says…

In the days when “on demand” viewing was still in the realm of science fiction, aspiring monster kids had to be on their toes. Scouring TV Guide magazine for soon to air treasures became essential weekly research as there was only one opportunity to catch a film not yet seen. 

In New York City the first place to look was Channel 9’s (WORTV) Saturday and Sunday morning broadcasts of Super Adventure Theater.  The show was surreally hosted by TV “ringmaster” Claude Kirchner and his puppet sidekick Clownie and regularly programmed the Toho Showa Era films along with other science fiction movies, and Three Stooges comedies.

Though Chiller Theater programming is better known, Super Adventure Theater is where I got my morning dose of kaiju juice throughout the 1960’s and 70’s.

Mezco Toyz, mothra, kaiju, toys, 5 points xl, action figures, Godzilla

Breaking News…

This post was complete and ready to go live when Mezco Toyz revealed another kaiju related release via their virtual summer convention, Mezco Con. This time we are treated to a preview of an 18” Godzilla with light up mouth and dorsal fins, as well asauthentic, “movie accurate,” sounds. Honestly, the mega-saur’s unique screeching roar can still send shivers up my spine decades after my first television encounter with the original film.

Mezco Toyz, mothra, kaiju, toys, 5 points xl, action figures, Godzilla
(photo courtesy of Mezco Toyz)
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Hair ‘Em, Scare ‘Em: NECA’s Universal Monsters Wolfman Action Figure

A Just Another Spooky Sunday Installment

NECA, action figure, the wolf man, universal monster
NECA’s newest Ultimate Universal Monsters Action Figure Celebrates the 80th Anniversary. of The Wolfman. (Photo courtesy of NECA)

NECA (National Entertainment Collectibles Association) has just announced the second selection in its roll-out of Ultimate Universal Monsters Action Figures. Following the Frankenstein Monster, as portrayed by Boris Karloff NECA will release The Wolfman, honoring the film’s 80th anniversary year.

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No Strings Attached: Super7 Launches Ultimate Disney Partnership

super7, disney, pinocchio, toys
Super7 Toys dives into Disney territory with beautiful new Ultimates! product line. (Photos: courtesy of Super7)

If Pinnochio’s refrain “I’ve got no strings to hold me down” denotes an unfettered freedom to create then the folks at Super7 have picked a perfect starting point for their new collaboration with The Walt Disney Company. Over the last several years Super7 has built a collectibles line that reaches into the recesses of things you always wanted that nobody made and/or things your Mom wouldn’t buy for you that no one makes anymore.

From movie, music, and cartoon characters, to Major League Baseball players and team mascots, the company has quickly filled the void for pop culture enthusiasts.

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Mez-Conan: Iconic Frazetta Image Gets Mezco Toyz’ One:12 Collective Homage

Mezco, Frazetta, Frazetta Girls, Conan, one12 collective
Frank Frazetta’s iconic “Conan the Adventurer” cover gets Mezco’s One:12 Collective treatment. (image courtesy of Mezco)

1960’s fantasy fandom hung heavily on author Robert E Howard’s 1930’s novels reissued in paperback form. Their affordability and portability put them in the hands of young readers who, though likely unaware of their prior lineage in pulp magazines like Weird Tales, loved them and craved more.

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Guides for the Merry Fan: NECA Gifts Geeks with Giant Action Figure Directories

neca, aliens, checklist, action figures
The full size version of this comprehensive guide to NECA’s Alien action figures is available to download from their blog site. FREE!