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Sliming is Everything: Playmobil Celebrates Ghostbusters Anniversary with Awesome ECTO-1A Replica

playmobil, ghostbusters, echo-1a

Playmobil’s 13 inch “Ghostbusters” Ecto-1A replica includes all the bells and whistles.

Playmobil Ghostbusters Ecto-1A Playset (70170)
Recommended for ages 6-12

Ghost World…
When I first read Hans Holzer’s Ghost Hunter back in the 1970’s I never imagined that paranormal spelunking would become the cottage industry of popular media in the next millennium and a staple of cable television programming. In retrospect, and IMHO, one of the prime catalysts for this phenomena was 1984’s Ghostbusters.

Though beaten to the screen by Poltergeist, Ghostbusters updated and redefined the moribund “a-haunting we will go” spook comedy formula for the burgeoning MTV generation. As they did with Animal House and The Blues Brothers, Saturday Night Live ex-patriots including Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Harold Ramis applied their inventive spin to the genre and created a unique reboot.

playmobil, ghostbusters, echo-1a

The gang’s all here. This Playmobil play-set includes all four Ghostbuster figures.

Spirited Occasion…
To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the release of Ghostbusters Playmobil has created a toy set filled with goodies based around the ghost battling team’s sweet ride, the Ecto-1A. The car’s classic Miller-Meteor Ambulance/Hearse design exudes a sleek 1950’s Cadillac vibe – gotta love those tail-fins. The nearly 13” replica is meticulously detailed to the specs of the Ghostbusters II 1A updates including the second “no ghosts” logo. Tricked out with its roof mounted ectoplasm tracking apparatus it yields an impressive silhouette.

Like their licensed Dreamworks’ D3 Dragons sets Playmobil’s Ecto-1A comes loaded with extras. All four ghostbusters (Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Winston Zeddemore and Egon Spengler) are supplied with the kit. They are of course presented in Playmo person countenance and each is outfitted with plenty of removable gear. Yes, there is room for all the members to ride inside the 1A and gear can be packed too. Access to the interior is gained by removing the roof panel and the back hatch opens to fit your ghost trap. Flexible hoses attached to the Slime Blowers and parts of the car are a nice touch.

playmobil, ghostbusters, echo-1a

The roof array of Playmobil’s “Ghostbusters” Ecto-1A includes lights and sounds.

Don’t be “a-scared” when you first open the box. While there are plenty of bits and pieces to put together, the well illustrated, full color, instruction booklet will guide you through the assembly process in proper order. Building the kit is part of the fun, and as rewarding as playing with the finished toy.

That said, kids may need some help from parental units or an older sibling to get the tires onto their hubs and three AAA batteries must be loaded behind a panel secured by a screw in order to run the electronics. Otherwise the build was a simple snap together method.

I suggest paying extra attention to where the decals/stickers go. They add intricate detail to the finished piece.

Lights and sounds are activated by separate buttons on the upper array of the car. A flashing cherry top, and front and back multi-colored led panels add a nice kinetic touch as you roll along. Alarm sound effects run through one cycle and auto shut, saving battery power. Though not electronically operated the “Ghostbusters” and “We’re Back…for Hire” signs on either side of the roof appear to be scrolling through use of the good old lenticular effect.

playmobil, ghostbusters, echo-1a

Download the Playmobil App and use your mobile device to “capture” ghosts in the hologram cone.

Ghosts in the OS…
There is also a digital feature to the play-set accessed via the downloadable Playmobil App for iOS and Android. The instructions say there are four different ghosts to capture in the included hologram cone. We’ll be exploring and reporting on that part of the action in the near future.

SkeletonPete Says…
Andy and I have been looking forward to this release since we first spied it at Toy Fair 2019. Overall, I think the appeal of this product goes beyond the age range listed. Fans of Ghostbusters collector’s items should be happy to sit this piece on a display shelf.

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Holy Simoleons: Diamond Select Banks on Batman ’66 and Classic Godzilla Busts

Diamond Select Toys' Godzilla Display @ NY Toy Fair 2014

Diamond Select Toys’ Godzilla Display @ NY Toy Fair 2014

I love Diamond Select Toys’ line of Busts and Bust Banks for their great sculpts, just right size and reasonable pricing for collecting and gifting. Previously focused on the Universal Monsters and Star Wars franchises, 2014 will see DST branch out with the addition of character likenesses from the beloved 1966 Batman television series, as well as the undisputed King of the Kaiju, Godzilla.

Mean Green Saving Machines…
Seen at the recent American International Toy Fair, there are several flavors of the Godzilla to choose from. Beginning the roll-out of TOHO titans in May 2014 is the bust bank version of Classic Godzilla 1989. Like others in the series, the sculpt by Gentle Giant Studios is cut off just below the torso and measures approximately 10” inches tall. A coin slot in the back and access door on the bottom make it useful as well as decorative. A nifty way to save for, what else, more bust banks.

If you prefer your Gojiras full sized, DST has got you covered with two choices in vinyl. Measuring an impressive 18” from snout to tail and 12” tall these beauties also serve as banks. The full length Classic Godzilla is again the Biolante battling 1989 version. There is also the ferocious Burning Godzilla as he appeared in Godzilla Vs. Destroyah, nearing a meltdown of his alien infused nuclear heart.

Spectacular King Ghidorah Bust Bank from DST

Spectacular King Ghidorah Bust Bank from DST

High on the awesome scale is the Diamond Select Ghidrah Bust Bank. IMHO it is the most spectacular of the bust banks to date. The space dragon, also known as Monster X and King Ghidorah, has a regal gold finish and massive wingspan surrounding its three snarling heads. Release date is Winter 2014.

Biggie Smallz…
Not a “bank job” but most exciting for me was the reveal of Godzilla related Mini Mates. Series 1 includes Godzilla himself, Mothra in flight, the hook clawed Gigan, and long necked Titanosaurus. They’re all nicely detailed and articulated representations that I can’t wait to get a macro lens pointed at. They will be sold in a 4 pack and are also scheduled to hit shelves in Winter 2014.

Best of the West…
The Classic 1966 TV Batman is well represented with a full line of resin busts as well as vinyl bust banks in the works. Though The Riddler resin was too early in the design process to photograph, I was permitted to get some shots of the Adam West Batman, Burt Ward Robin and still up for approval Cesar Romero Joker. All are by sculpter Jean St. Jean and scheduled for release in 2014. There’s also a mighty cool exclusive bust of the caped crusader doing the Batusi.

"Batusi" Exclusive Batman 1966 Resin Bust.

“Batusi” Exclusive Batman 1966 Resin Bust.

But Wait There’s More…
In this 30th anniversary year of Ghost Busters collector’s get their choice of massive 24 inch Stay Puft in good and evil modes to guard their change. There’s a smaller, nicely singed, version, that’ll have you hankering for s’mores and a Ghost Buster Mini Mates box set.

"Ghost Busters" 24 inch Stay Puft has Evil on his Mind

“Ghost Busters” 24 inch Stay Puft has Evil on his Mind

SkeletonPete Says…
Off limits to photos at Toy Fair, but quite drool worthy even in prototype, was the This Island Earth Metaluna Mutant bust bank. Its exposed brain, bug eyes and crab-like claws make it the quintessential 1950’s sci-fi monster. I predict it will be the must own of the series.

Diamond Select also prevued loads of figures and Mini Mates for Marvel superheroes Captain America and Spiderman, Kill Bill, Sin City, Pulp Fiction, Plants Vs. Zombies and Jay and Silent Bob characters which I’ll be posting photos of in the coming weeks.