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Babes in Toyland: The Toy Association’s Play Fair 2

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A dizzying array of experiences greeted Play Fair 2017 attendees.

We Moved Through the Fair…
Slide from the top of the Paw Patrol Tower, hone your Jedi Light Saber skills, encounter a friendly T-Rex, assist in creating a record breaking vat of purple Slime Glue, learn to make a balloon animal or paint a Rock Pet with Mom, safely battle it out inside the Nerf dome, spin the giant Ben 10 prize wheel or meet Geoffrey the Giraffe, draw with a professional cartoon artist, preview the newest animated TV shows, learn a new board game, care for a handful Fingerlings, or simply lounge in a lake of Legos… these were just some of the activities for youngsters at the 2017 Play Fair.

play fair, the toy association, leftfield media

Leap Frog’s Violet is a perfect pal.

On November 4-5, 2017, The Toy Association and Leftfield Media (with presenting sponsors Toys ‘R’ Us and Spin Master) held the Second Annual Play Fair in New York City giving families the opportunity to treat their children to an immersive – maybe dizzying – play experience only a public transit ride away from home. Estimated to bring in over 30,000 participants during four separate multi-hour sessions, Play Fair Two topped its 2016 inaugural event in almost every way.

play fair, the toy association, leftfield media

Padawans in training with the Empire Saber Guild.

Meeting vendors and discussing play activities, cognition building skills, and toy trends at industry events is important for our ability to report on the newest products, but there is no substitute for seeing the said products in the hands of the children they are created for. It certainly afforded us a better understanding of the items we write about, as well as the setting for some priceless photo opportunities. Expect a closer look at individual items, but for now we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

play fair, the toy association, leftfield media

This young lady makes a new friend of an old T-Rex, in the guise of Rubie’s unique inflatable costume.

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Fab Gear: Toy Insider Names Best in Play for 2016

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Adventure Publication’s Laurie Schacht and the Toy Insider team gave Holiday of Play attendees the lowdown on the latest & greatest modes of play.

Andy and Pete Say…
Once again it was our pleasure to join The Toy Insider team for the annual reveal of their choices for best toys for the holiday season lists. The HoliDAY of Play event highlights products in three categories, Hot 20 Toys, 12 Best Tech Toys, and 10 Best S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Toys.

You probably know “Toy Insider Mom” Laurie Schacht from her numerous television appearances demonstrating the operation of those products. The Toy Insider 2016 Catalog can be found nested inside the current issue of Family Circle Magazine, and you can get comprehensive details on each item at the Toy Insider Website link above.

Things to Make and Do….
There is probably no greater satisfaction for youngsters, really for anyone, than building something that works. That appeared to be the major theme this year at The HoliDAY of Play event. As we’ve seen in the past, from Lincoln Logs to LEGOS, the honing of dexterity skills, deciphering of instructions, assimilation of concepts, peaking of imagination and recovering from missteps, all make the final product a very personal thrill. The accomplishment makes the object all the more valuable to the builder.
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