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Waxing Devilish: Morbid Anatomy Museum Shop offers Unique Holiday Ornament

heather o'shaunessy, morbid anatomy museum, Krampus

Add a little spice to your holiday season with Heather O’Shaunessy’s Krampus ornament.

In the spirit of sharing stuff we like here’s a heads-up on a neat item for a left-of-center seasonal celebration. The folks at The Morbid Anatomy Museum and Library are currently offering a unique holiday ornament in the form of Krampus, the legendary goat-man demon.

Artist Heather O’Shaunessy has created bee’s wax replica’s from a mold of her own sculpture depicting the Christmas devil. The approximately seven inch figures are dusted with cinnamon to give them a rust-like patina, as well as an appropriately seasonal scent.


Be Good or Be Gone…
As you may know December 5 marks the observance of Krampus Nacht, a tradition of many Central European countries that accompanies the winter solstice. Though the character is more than likely descended from pre-christian ceremonies, Krampus is now essentially considered the “anti-Santa.” If you’ve naughty, he’s not so nice. Images of him with chains and birch branch scourge, carting kiddies off to lord knows where, seem a stronger deterrent to disobedience than the chance of finding coal in your stocking on Christmas morning.

While only becoming more well known in the United States over the last decade or so, we might equate Krampus with his cinematic cousins the Bogeymen portrayed in the 1934 Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy television perennial Babes in Toyland, aka, March of the Wooden Soldiers. Along with the zipper suited aliens in the original Invaders From Mars (1953), banishment to Bogeyland land made many a boomer kid think twice about bad behavior.
heather o'shaunessy, morbid anatomy museum, Krampus
Getting Your Goat…
So, If you’d like a hint of the old gods of the Tyrol hanging around to counterbalance that goody two-shoes Saint Nick, then Krampus is your man – goat – demon. Follow this link to the Morbid Anatomy Store online.

SkeletonPete Says…
If you love researching arcana from alchemical formulae to information on early medical “miracles,” The Morbid Anatomy Museum & Library will be of interest to you.

When not wandering the globe seeking the obscure and interesting, museum founder Joanna Ebenstein and programming director Laeticia Barbier offer a regular schedule of seminars as well as access to the diverse library itself via spring and autumn exhibitions in the Victorian gatehouse of Brooklyn’s historic Green-wood Cemetery.

Those not in the New York City area can avail themselves of recordings and videos of the lectures, as well as regular postings of interest by joining the Morbid Anatomy Patreon account. Members are regularly offered discounts on online store purchases.

Gothic Revival: Morbid Anatomy Museum Begins Residency at Green-Wood Cemetery

morbid anatomy museum, green-wood cemetery, Brooklyn

The Morbid Anatomy Museum stages a post mortem pop-up in the peaks of Green-Wood Cemetery’s Gatehouse.

Post Mortem Pop-Up…
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Ashes to Ashes: Death: A Graveside Companion Book Release

green-wood cemetery, death a graveside companion, joanna ebenstein

Death: A Graveside Companion, eidted by Joanna Ebenstein, featuring the Richard Harris art collection. (Thames & Huson 2017) Photo: © 2017 Peter Parrella

Spooky Sunday #6
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Game of Moans: Morbid Anatomy Museum to Screen Adventure Classic

the most dangerous game, morbid anatomy museum

Count Zaroff’s trophy room reveals his preferred prey in 1932’s “The Most Dangerous Game.”

Better Run Through the Jungle…
On Tuesday September 1, 2015 at 8pm The Morbid Anatomy Museum (MAM), one of Brooklyn’s most unique spaces, will present a screening of RKO – Radio Pictures’ The Most Dangerous Game. “Movie Mike” will project a 16mm print of the classic 1930’s jungle adventure with its lurid pre-Hayes Code themes of violence, sex and extreme (pre-Predator) big game hunting. Grab tickets here.

The film has an interesting production backstory that just happens to intersect with one of my favorite obsessions, RKO’s 1933 film King Kong and its debt to the art of 19th Century illustrator Gustave Doré.

Thanks to museum director Joanna Ebenstein I get to shed some light on those connections via an illustrated guest blog on the Morbid Anatomy website. This link will take you there.
morbid anatomy museumMourning Becomes Eclectic…
The Morbid Anatomy Museum and Research Library is a cabinet of curiosities focused on the parallel evolutions of the occult and medical sciences, with lots of side trips that include anthropomorphic taxidermy, gothic tropes, and religious reliquaries. Check out the museum’s calendar for future events including MAM’s Common Shade lecture series, presented in conjunction with the Green-Wood Cemetery Historic Fund, which has yielded two exceptional installments thus far.