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Willie West “Fairchild” @ Southpaw Feb 26, 2011

Willie West treated the audience to a reprise of his turntable fave “Fairchild” @ Brooklyn’s Southpaw. The February 26, 2011 Dig Deeper gig marked his first ever appearance in New York City.

For detailed information on Willie’s career and a heapin’ helping of enlightenment on New Orleans music a visit to Dan Phillips’ Home of the Groove blog is a must.

More Funky Stuff from the Brooklyn Soul Festival 2010

Here’s some of Funkmeister Harvey Scales “boogie ’til you drop” set at The Bell House on October 9, 2010. The Sweet Divines’ “Divine Soul Orchestra” laying down the grooves. There’s a bit of “Love-itis”, probably best known from the cover version by J. Geils Band. Joining Harvey to shake it down on funk juggernaut “Get Down” are Ashley Vitha of The Sweet Divines and Meah Pace of Binky Griptite’s Mellomatics.

I included some of the better still images I captured during his set in the middle of the movie. Hope you enjoy it.