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Twilight Twiggies: Mattel’s Monster High @ NY ComicCon 2013

Mattel's Booth @ NY ComicCon 13 included an elaborate Monster High installation.

Mattel’s Booth @ NY ComicCon 13 included an elaborate Monster High installation.

Strike A Pose…
The Mattel Toy Company, famous for that most iconic of fashion dolls Barbie, has tapped into an outre oeuvre that certainly bolstered their bottom line this year with the fantastical fashionistas of the Monster High product line. The ghoulish gal and guy figures with names like Draculaura, Frankie Stein, and Clawdeen Wolf, are only part of the company’s multi-faceted brand (apparel, films, games, apps) which has captured the imagination of the pre and early teen population, and methinks their Moms too. I can only imagine how many young ladies will be masquerading as their favorite Monster High hellion this Halloween.

At the bustling New York Comic Convention this past week Mattel featured their spring 2014 crop of diabolical debutantes in a beautiful installation with castle spires and cascading stairways.

The "Ghoul Spirit" Cheer Team, Gets Set for Spring 2014

The “Ghoul Spirit” Cheer Team, Gets Set for Spring 2014

I Put A Spell(ing Bee) On You…
The Monster High packages are noted for online interactive content, like a special club key allowing access to Draculaura’s “sweet sixteenhundred” birthday party. Check the official Monster High website for the range of interrelated activities.

Mattel's Webarella Gives a Multi-Limbed Wave @ NYCC 2013

Mattel’s Webarella Gives a Multi-Limbed Wave @ NYCC 2013

Six Arms To Hold You…
Mattel’s ComicCon exclusive, the six armed daughter of Arachne Webarella, was quick to be scooped up by first day convention attendees. She waved teasingly from the castle parapet for the rest of the show.

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Dread Presidents Attack @ Toy Fair 2012

"I am not a creature!"

One Nation Under Gort…
I simply could not let President’s Day go by without giving you a look at Heroes In Action Toys and Toy Tokyo’s collaboration, “Presidential Monsters”. These cloth garbed dolls recast our commanders in chief as classic film creatures; a hysterically horrific spin on American history. Baracula, Monster from the Watergate Lagoon, The Ronmy, Zom-Bush are highlights of the product line. Clever details like The Watergate Creature’s web-fingered victory signs and LincolnStein’s bolt equipped Top Hat (ready to be juiced by the upcoming Doctor Benjamin FranklinStein) will make you laugh out loud. Interns won’t stand a chance against the JFK “Phantom of the White House” or saxophone toting “Wolf Bill”. Not that they did in reality either.

Better Than Voodoo Economics…
In addition to the 7 currently available action figures, there are plenty of others to come. Prototypes displayed at Toy Fair included Andrew Jackson as Nosferatu (my personal favorite) and Teddy Roosevelt as a white furred Yeti. Also coming is a ghostly George Washington as “The Spirit of ’76”. Apparently Sarah Palin is also in the wings with a Vlad the Impaler spoof.

Ken Pierce and I had a great time chatting with the folks at the Toy Tokyo booth during Toy Fair 2012 and it’s always a treat to visit their store in Manhattan’s East Village. Be sure to check them out for a mind-blowing array of collectible goodies.

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Tonner Dolls Unveils DC Super Heroines @ Toy Fair 2011

Wow, I’m still wading through the massive amount of amazing collectibles encountered at the 2011 Toy Fair. While snooping for fantasy character tie-ins I got pretty much stopped dead in my tracks by the Tonner Doll Company’s display of “DC Stars”. The new line includes comic book super heroines Catwoman, Dove, Raven, Black Canary and a stunning Teen Titans Starfire in sizes from 13 to 17 inches. In addition there is a jaw dropping 22 inch version of Wonder Woman to compliment 2010’s 13 inch model.

Tonner is renown for their beautifully rendered limited edition figures. Their licenses include the Harry Potter and Twilight franchises and my favorite Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” characters. The company also has their own “Sinister Circus” characters with a nice creep factor for the gothically inclined.

Kenny P. and I agreed that we’d love to see Ms. Emilie Autumn and her Bloody Crumpets get the collector doll treatment. Think of the cool accessories – tea cups, rats and candelabra, stilts and some pirate gear for Maggot.

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