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Mystery Muñecas: Mezco Celebrates 20 Years of Living Dead Dolls

mezco toyz, living dead dolls, series 35

Mezco Toyz adds a veil of mystery to their 20th Anniversary Living Dead Dolls Series.

Two Score and Thirty-four Series Ago…
Global warming aside, summer 2018 may prove to be chillier than normal as the dank winds of the grave spin forth to heralds the 20th Anniversary of Mezco ToyzLiving Dead Dolls. It seems like only a moment ago we acknowledged these collectibles turning sweet sixteen with a series of unique events and now they’re nearly drinking age. The deadly little darlings have matured like fine spirits themselves, and Mezco has just announced a special package to mark the milestone.

Black Box…
Like previous LDD packages Series 35 will consist of 5 dolls. In keeping with the current trend toward mystery boxes the anniversary edition will include 4 new designs – Eve, Candy Rotten, Galeras and Legion – joined by one of 5 as yet unknown family members. The fifth doll will be hidden from sight in an opaque coffin. Mezco notes that the 5 mystery dolls are all new creations, not variants of previous LDD’s and should prove to be highly collectible. I can imagine a deluge of unboxing videos as collectors share their unveilings online.

mezco toyz, living dead dolls, ldd, ldd presents,

A quartet of your favorite characters from Mezco Toyz’ Living Dead Dolls Presents… series.

Lugubrious Licenses…
During their recent Toy Fair reveal Mezco also showcased several licensed LDD Presents properties to expand the post mortem universe. Cat Woman will be available in two flavors. First in her stitch laden Batman Returns film incarnation, and next year in a DC Universe version with green goggled cowel. The Conjuring’s demonic Nun Valak makes me glad my folks sent me to public school, while Michael Myers reminds us that Halloween is not just for treats. Nightmare on Elmstreet fans get a talking Freddy Krueger to sing them to sleep and the 2017 version of Pennywise from It will see a 2019 release. They join the ranks of the equally evil Excorcist and Annabelle dolls.

Also on display was the pumpkin toting bat-winged beauty that will materialize as a Halloween 2018 limited edition.

mezco toyz, living dead dolls, series 35

Terror Eyes your art class pals with this Living Dead Dolls pencil sharpener.

Ya Gotta Look Sharp…
Probably the most outre of Living Dead Doll collectibles is the branded pencil sharpener. Even if you’ve become inured to the leftfield nature of the coffin kept cuties, this one’s gotta give you give you a shiver as you insert a pencil into its eye socket. That will be quickly followed by a giggle as the shavings emerge from her mouth.
mezco toyz, living dead dolls, ldd, halloween

Limited Edition Halloween 2018 Living Dead Doll was revealed by Mezco at Toy Fair.

SkeletonPete Says…
Mezco also revealed an impressive array of One:12 Collective characters set to join the already bursting ranks of detailed six inch action figures. A full gallery of those will appear here shortly.

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Putting Out The Fire With Gasoline: Meet the Superwomen of DC Comics’ “Gotham City Garage”

Gotham City Garage Statues from DC Collectibles – Wonder Woman as you’ve never seen her before!

DC Collectibles has been adding to their Gotham City Garage statue series over the last few years and showcasing them at Toy Fair and Comic Con. SkeletonPete knew I’d fall in love with them. He knows me too well. I was instantly drawn to these gorgeous sculptures, these beautiful superwomen on motorcycles, in particular, Wonder Woman, my childhood hero.

When I saw these DC heroines reimagined as fierce biker chicks, I could instantly envision a live action or animated series set in this universe. Shortly thereafter, creators Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly announced their plan for a comic book series of the same name. I couldn’t wait to dive in and that’s unusual for me, as I’m not typically a comic book collector. Well played, DC. Mission accomplished. You reeled me in… and at 99 cents per digital download, it was an investment I was more than happy to make.
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Quack, Quack, Waddle, Waddle: Diamond Select’s 1966 Penguin Bust

DST's perfect Penguin mini-bust is due spring 2015.

DST’s perfect Penguin mini-bust is due spring 2015.

Umbrella Fella…
While I’ve enjoyed nearly everything about the Gotham television series’ first fall season, especially Robin Lord Taylor’s scenery chewing portrayal of the young Penguin, there will always be a special spot in my heart for Burgess Meredith’s version. His emotive squawking got many an imitative 6th grader, myself included, in hot water at school but it was irresistible to mimic.

Color My World…
In 1966 my family was the first on our block to have a color TV which automatically designated our living room ground zero for every friend on Wednesday & Thursday evenings at 7:30. Along with the pop art biffs, bangs and pows, Penguin’s psychedelic purple top hat and tie were the most eye popping things to behold on that fresh CRT.

A Rogues Gallery of Diamond Select Mini-Bust Prototypes. Licensor Approval Pending.

A Rogues Gallery of Diamond Select Mini-Bust Prototypes. Licensor Approval Pending.

Keeping “Boomer” generation collectors enthralled (we waited ages for this franchise to license goodies)Diamond Select Toys has announced a late spring 2015 release for their latest Batman related mini-bust. It’s a spot on sculpt of the Burgess Meredith Penguin right down to the monocle. It will join the already released Adam West Batman, Burt Ward Robin, Ceasar Romero Joker, and soon to be available Frank Gorshin Riddler (January 2015).

At NY Comic Con back October, DST was also showing yet to be authorized prototypes of Julie Newmar as Catwoman and Otto Preminger, the blue skinned Mr. Freeze. Yvonne Craig in Batgirl guise would clearly be a welcome addition to the mix.

The mini-busts average six inches tall and share a base that features bat-signal/city-scape artwork from the classic show’s opening credits.

Diamond Select's Batarang and Batman Logo serve double duty.

Diamond Select’s Batarang and Batman Logo serve double duty.

If you are expecting Santa to slide down your chimney with the 1966 Batman DVD box set, you could do worse than add DST’s Batarang bottle opener to your stocking stuffer wish-list. It’s gonna take a raft of six-packs to get you through 120 episodes.

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Kai in the Sky: Square Enix/Play Arts’ DC Universe Figures

DC's Green Lantern Gets an Anime Make-Over from Square Enix/Play Arts

DC’s Green Lantern Gets an Anime Make-Over from Square Enix/Play Arts

The Future’s So Dark I Gotta Wear Blades…
The roll out for Square Enix/Play Arts roster of DC Universe figures, as previewed at NY Toy Fair 2013 in February, has begun with The Dark Knight Trilogy Batman and Bane currently available. Catwoman Selina Kyle as portrayed by Anne Hathaway, and Heath Ledger’s Joker will follow in the coming months.

Arkham Gals Won’t You Come Out Tonight…
Rounding out the Batman related characterizations, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy will add a twisted feminine touch to the Batman Arkham City series. Both are scheduled for mid-June 2013 release.

Also scheduled for release throughout spring and summer are the Anime-esque “Kai” Variants of DC’s revered heroes and heroines. Along with a samurai sword wielding Batman, the series will include sleek and angular spins on Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and down the road Batgirl and Flash. The latter two were displayed in early prototype pre-painted versions that I think highlighted their beautiful geometric look. That said, The Flash should be spectacular in full color.

SkeletonPete Says…
Many of the characters were displayed with a host of swappable parts, including hands, weapons and masks. Please keep in mind that all photos here were taken of prototypes – in some cases still pending licensor approval. Final products may vary. You can see the official product images of these and other Square Enix/Play Arts collectibles at their website.

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Tonner Dolls Unveils DC Super Heroines @ Toy Fair 2011

Wow, I’m still wading through the massive amount of amazing collectibles encountered at the 2011 Toy Fair. While snooping for fantasy character tie-ins I got pretty much stopped dead in my tracks by the Tonner Doll Company’s display of “DC Stars”. The new line includes comic book super heroines Catwoman, Dove, Raven, Black Canary and a stunning Teen Titans Starfire in sizes from 13 to 17 inches. In addition there is a jaw dropping 22 inch version of Wonder Woman to compliment 2010’s 13 inch model.

Tonner is renown for their beautifully rendered limited edition figures. Their licenses include the Harry Potter and Twilight franchises and my favorite Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” characters. The company also has their own “Sinister Circus” characters with a nice creep factor for the gothically inclined.

Kenny P. and I agreed that we’d love to see Ms. Emilie Autumn and her Bloody Crumpets get the collector doll treatment. Think of the cool accessories – tea cups, rats and candelabra, stilts and some pirate gear for Maggot.

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