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Get The Firehouse!: Diamond Select Expands Ghostbusters Action Figure Series

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DST’s Select Ghostbusters action figures Series 6-10 will include the parts to build the Firehouse diorama.

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Re: Animator – Diamond Select Toys Halloween Treat

Diamond Select Toys just unleashed a sweet treat for your Halloween bag in the form of an animated video featuring their line of Universal Monsters figures. Created by Alex Kropinak, the man behind the madness of the Marvel “What The …..?” series, the short follows a trio of Halloween candy hunters to some surprising doorways. In just over a minute we get a slew of cute vignettes of which I especially love the Metaluna Mutant conjuring up a giant candy corn on the old interocitor.
Scripted by Kropinak and DST Marketing Supervisor Zach Oat, the film nicely displays the expanded articulation of DST’s newest additions to the line, Son of Frankenstein and a beautifully revamped Creature from the Black Lagoon. It also affords a cameo appearance to their first original concept Van Helsing character.
SkeletonPete Says…
Thanks to the Diamond Select gang for this excellent surprise. Having spent a healthy chunk of my early teen years creating backyard “jungle” adventures using a collection of 12 inch G.I. Joes, I’m always appreciative of a nice piece of stop motion animation like this one. The miniature sets are an inspiration for us toy photographers and Kropinak utilizes a touch of CGI for the atmospheric effects. This truly makes me pine for a proper animated version of Ray Bradbury’s The Halloween Tree.

Word is Diamond Select will continue it’s Universal Monster line next year. A super articulated Wolfman would be awesome, but I’d be just as happy to see them do something left-of-center like a Henry Hull Werewolf of London. I’m also really curious to see what their next original creation will be.

DST will launch it's "Nightmare Before Christmas" Mini-Mate Series with Jack Skellington.

DST will launch it’s “Nightmare Before Christmas” Mini-Mate Series with Jack Skellington.

Additionally Diamond Select will kick off their The Nightmare Before Christmas Mini-Mates series via shops participating in Halloween ComicFest, with a great Jack Skellington figure that was on display at New York Comic Con a week ago.

Mini-Munchers: Diamond Select Walking Dead Series 3

The folks over at Diamond Select Toys have been having some fun with their Walking Dead Minimates. Check out the video they’ve put together to herald the release of the 3rd set of figures. This neat little flick was lensed and edited by Alex Kropinak and features Acorns to Oaks’ Chris Ward as Rick on the voiceover and the music of Matt Takacs. Warning! Don’t expect the same kind of mirth that Alex dishes out over at Marvel.Com’s “Marvel Superheroes What The !?” This one is a mini reminder of how grim and gruesome Robert Kirkman’s comic and the AMC’s TV series can be.

DST's Walking Dead Minimates Series 3 as displayed at NY Toy Fair 2013

DST’s Walking Dead Minimates Series 3 as displayed at NY Toy Fair 2013

Walking Dead Minimates Releases…
The Riot Gear Rick Grimes and Dreadlock Pole Zombie are my two favorites this time around. You’ll find Series Three at comics and specialty shops on June 12th, 2013, the exclusive Toys “R” Us packs are already lurking around TRU. Series 4 drops later this summer and features The Govenor and his henchmen, a poncho wearing variant of Michonne, along with Lori and baby Judith.
DST Walking Dead Minimates Series 3, Toys R Us Exclusives

DST Walking Dead Minimates Series 3, Toys R Us Exclusives

SkeletonPete Says…
I love Minimates, they’re eminently photographable and it’s easy to find some shelf space for them. Just don’t display these zombie mini munchers too close to the edge of your bed if you want to wake up with a full set of toes.
Walking Dead Minimates Series 4 Make Their Debut Later This Summer

Walking Dead Minimates Series 4 Make Their Debut Later This Summer