My Band Is Called Dance Half Done

It’s DHD’s birthday and I am just so thrilled with what we’ve accomplished over the last two years. While we have a love of traditional funk, rock and soul, we also share a willingness to use cutting edge technology to attain our musical goals. As a three piece combo we’ve realized the kind of full, polished sound you’d expect from a group more than twice our size. Our repertoire is constantly evolving and has been called “adventurous” when compared to our contemporaries.

Dance Half Done is:
Eddie G (Lead Vocals, Bass)
Freddy “Planes” (Electronic Drums)
Skeleton Pete (Variax Guitar and Guitar Synthesizer)

Click the icon below to visit our website, sample our wacky promos, and please come out and party with us when we play. A fine time is guaranteed for all.

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  • “Happy Birthday Dance Half Done”, it seems like only yesterday when you told me of this lineup coming together in this fashion. I have to say that your bold statement of a good time being had by all is an understatement without question since I have always seemed to have a rocking time with you guys and I would know given how many bands I get to see. I can attest about your adventurousness as well because who would ever expect a cover of the Chris Isaak classic “Wicked Game” from a cover band in the first place and then find that the group is doing the version that was presented by Finnish great’s HIM. Can material from The 69 Eyes or The Rasmus be far behind? I hope not. Congrats again on the anniversary and keep on rocking.

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