A Perfect(s) Weekend

It’s always a treat to see up and coming musicians do their thing on a small stage in an intimate venue. So it was a real pleasure getting to hear indie band The Perfects do a set at Pianos in New York City this past weekend. The Baltimore Maryland based group has been making (new) waves on the Indie charts over the last couple of months with their 2000’s take on dance pop and they were in town to showcase tunes from their upcoming album. Previous material has been featured in a bevy of reality shows including Road Rules, Bad Girls Club Miami, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The group reflects an interesting mix of influences from the synth laden 80’s while not being too influenced by anyone in particular. Reviewers have noted Duran Duran and The Cure when assessing their style, I’m hearing hints of Tears For Fears in tunes like “Many Nights”. The new single “Girls That Dance” will send you “mind movies” of early MTV days. On stage The Perfects produce a sound that leans more towards Dark Wave than Dance Pop with songs like “Party of Two” , “Revo”, “Come Down” and my favorite “The Hidden” taking on a harder, edgier, feel like latter day Echo and The Bunnymen or New Order.

The new album titled “Many Nights” and produced by Nic Hard (The Bravery) is scheduled for release via download on July 26. Baltimore fans who attend their record release show at The Metro Gallery on July 24, 2011 can grab a limited edition hard copy including bonus tracks with their paid admission.

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